Canadian Kids face off in Gulf Coast League

By on July 30, 2012

Eric Wood for the GCL Pirates fields at the hot corner (Eddie Michels photo)

CLEARWATER, FLA.–Pickering, Ont. native Eric Wood got the first triple of his brief professional career on Monday July 30, 2012 off fellow

Canadian RHP Jensen Dygestile-Therrien of Montreal, Quebec.  Wood a third baseman with the GCL Pirates took the Phillies Therrien 2-1 offering deep to right center for the three baggier leading off the third.

Jensen Dygestile-Therrien with GCL Phillies is (0 – 2) this year with a 3.47 ERA, 8 appearances, 3 games started.  He has struck out 25 opposing batters in just 23 1/3 innings.

Wood is hitting .278 in 22 games with 72 AB, 5 doubles, 3 HR and 15 RBI.

Jensen Dygestile-Therrien on the hill for the GCL Phillies (Eddie Michels photo)

Eric Wood, GCL Pirates (Eddie Michels photo)

It was 270 feet of base paths covered as Wood slides in safely with a triple (Eddie Michels photo)

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  1. Yoshua says:

    Not a troll. There were at least twenty guys I watned them to pick before this guy and more than half of them were still available. He is a slot or below slot sign and he has one tool. Dave Kingman and Rob Deer had one tool also. They stunk. If the Phillies are going to go for an easy sign, there had to at least be someone with a tool and a half available. In five years, you’ll all be wailing and gnashing your teeth that half a dozen guys who were still available are doing a bunch better than this kid. And you’ll forget that you called me a troll. But I’m right about this pick. If I’m wrong, I’ll formally apologize. But drafting a guy with one tool means he has to be really special and in high school, you can’t possibly know that. And especially when he played against less than top competition. Burrell had an elite power tool, but he was the best college player in the country. Big difference. Lest you forget, Hewitt was a five tooler when he was drafted. And power was the most exciting thing about him. The Phillies brass raved about his raw power. This kid has only power, and it’s against non-elite talent. I can’t see any possible reason to be excited about this kid, except that the kid seems like a nice young man, who will get a college scholarship and about a million dollars to languish in the minors for a half dozen or so years.

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