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NFL JJ Rankings

The Bengals defense has been dominant to open 2014 as Jake Locker (10)  and the Tennessee Titans found out in week three.  Darqueze Dennard hammers Locker.  (USA TODAY Sports / Aaron Doster)

F_ _ k NFL power rankings! This is the first of edition of the JJ Rankings. While most major outlets waste our time ranking teams in the early weeks of the season, I reserve judgment until the first month is complete. How do sites like ESPN and CBS rank teams in the preseason or after Week […]

Hits, Lies and Videotapes

Ray Rice (PR PHOTO)

    Ray Rice and Roger Goodell are both pretty screwed, very deserving of any and all repercussions that come from this but in the end they should both be banned from the NFL for life. I don’t think I need to go into much detail about this but I will briefly touch on it… […]

Little Napoleon


The following is a narrative about a tiny little man. Although small in stature, his ego is matched by none. He rules over a legion of men sculpted like warriors that could each crush him with a single blow. His empire is unmatched in power and is beloved by many. He judges with an iron […]

Is Roger High?

OOPPS! Josh Gordon can't catch a reduction this pre-season. (Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)

  So I see Josh Gordon will miss the entire 2014 season because he may have been smoking the turbo performance enhancing drug known as Marijuana, yet Ray Rice a self-admitted wife beater will miss only 2 games for knocking out his wife in an elevator. Way to keep it classy Rog! I would love […]

Bru’s Room “Official Watch Party” Location

Most Finatical DolFans - Finhead, Jen "Dolphin Diva" Schultz and Roger "Dolfan Maniac" Avila

Bru’s Room “Official Watch Party” Location

2nd Annual “Dolfan” Ticket Raffle

2nd Annual “Dolfan” Ticket Raffle

Jim Jensen (Tyler McLellan Foundation photo)

Wellington, Fla. - – The football season is coming upon us and the Tyler McLellan Foundation is happy to announce they are again teaming up with the Jim Jensen 11 Foundation this year for the 2nd Annual “Dolfan” Ticket Raffle”.  Last year, the Jim Jensen 11 Foundation was chosen to receive a portion of the proceeds […]

Seahawks and Broncos, still the Benchmark Teams

The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will be looking to get back to the big game, like in Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium.  (photo by  Joe Camporeale / USA TODAY Sports)

  Despite some good Draft acquisitions, there was no change among the favorites to dominate the NFL next season. According to Football Betting Center, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will finish with the best record in 2014, like last year. After the event of last May 8th at the Radio City Music Hall, Las Vegas […]

Three 3 headed Monsters

But she can stay!

  The Cleveland Browns, in my opinion just completed their best draft since their return to the NFL. Sure they passed on one of the best Wide Receivers in the Draft, sure they traded 2 times in the 1st round and what do they have to show it… Well I tell you what; they have […]

Ott to Pick the Draft 2014

Ott to Pick the Draft 2014

Round 1 Rams: Greg Robinson: OT, Auburn TRADE: Cleveland trades their 4th pick to the 49ers for the 49’s picks at 30, 56 and 61 as well as a 2015 1nd round pick.  49ers: Sammy Watkins: WR, Clemson Raiders: Jake Matthews: OT, Texas A&M Falcons: Khalil Mack: OLB, Buffalo Bucs: Mike Evans: WR, Texas A&M […]

Don’t Draft Johnny Football

Don’t Draft Johnny Football

Johnny Manziel is to football as to what Justin Bieber is to music. Their fans are both jaded on the ability each have and they are both rottenly immature children that will never grow up. Yep I said it, they are both childish turds that get more credit than they deserve. I’ll leave the Biebs […]