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Drowning Pool and Friends in Jacksonville

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  The Drowning Pool Unlucky 13 Anniversary *Sinner* Tour stormed into the Beach Boulevard Concert Hall (BBCH) on March 14, 2015 to a raucous and pumped house of fans. A massive EDM nightclub after 1:00am, the BBCH has plenty of space for fans to socialize, chill on the a leather couch, or raise the horns […]

A Rockville Monster Awaits


  Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville will once again host Monster Energy’s Welcome To Rockville on April 25th and 26th. 43 bands will be gracing the stages over the two day event, with something for everyone who enjoys the hard rock/metal genre with a few anomalies mixed in. Welcome to Rockville alumni, Korn, will be headlining […]

Aesop Rock


    “It all starts with the beat,” Homeboy Sandman said to a packed house in downtown Orlando. In reality, it took hundreds of unrelated events to bring Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, Homeboy, and their respective DJ’s to the City Beautiful.   The first event was over fifteen years ago: a random meeting between fellow […]

Mayhem in Mickeyland


  Mayhem. It’s a word that conjures up images of everything from Black Friday shopping to Allstate commercials. When August Burns Red, Miss May I, and company invaded House of Blues on Monday, they brought mayhem to the normally calm land of Mickey Mouse.   Erra   This Birmingham, Alabama based progressive metalcore band was […]

Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens

Vic Fuentes  (photo Will Ogburn)

    Cult followings and high-pitched noises ruled the day as Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens took the stage at the House of Blues on Wednesday.   Across the floor and strewn about the wooden surfaces of the House of Blues, you could see a wide range of emotions. Sleeping With Sirens was […]

At the Capital With Mr. Big

Paul Gilbert redo labeled

  The year was 1988, and hard rock was at its peak. Bands like Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and the Scorpions were being played everywhere. From radio stations to MTV to Friday Night Videos, the rock sound and the scene were everywhere. Van Halen, with a new veteran front person in Sammy Hagar, was picking up […]

VIDEO: Interview with Andrew WK



With Liberty and Ska for All

John Christianson

  “What exactly is ska?” I wondered as I researched for this Tuesday’s show several weeks ago. Two big-time groups, Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake, were getting some serious billing for their show at Downtown Disney. Less Than Jake was even streaming the show live on Yahoo. I’d always assumed that ska groups […]

My Camera and I Survived Andrew W.K.


“Hell of a show to forget my earplugs,” I said to the curly-haired man working the merch table hidden away in the back. My ears were already pounding from the first two openers, so I sought refuge in the catacombs of the venue. “Bummer man. You want mine? I got an extra pair,” he said. […]

Hunting Season Starts in Orlando

(photo Travis Failey / RSEN)

  Orlando, Fla. – – The Hunting Party North American Tour is underway. Linkin Park, Rise Against, and Of Mice and Men took to the stage in the Sunshine State on Thursday night in Orlando. This tour may catapult Linkin Park into the category of timeless bands. During a press conference, Linkin Park front-man Chester […]