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Atkinson Plays it All


DUNEDIN, FLA. –Surrey, BC native and Toronto Blue Jays prospect Justin Atkinson is adding another item to his tools of the trade and that as a catcher.  In his four years in the Blue Jays minor league system Atkinson has played all four infield positions and during instructional camp this year he is adding that of catcher.  “It […]

Hits, Lies and Videotapes

Ray Rice (PR PHOTO)

    Ray Rice and Roger Goodell are both pretty screwed, very deserving of any and all repercussions that come from this but in the end they should both be banned from the NFL for life. I don’t think I need to go into much detail about this but I will briefly touch on it… […]

Little Napoleon


The following is a narrative about a tiny little man. Although small in stature, his ego is matched by none. He rules over a legion of men sculpted like warriors that could each crush him with a single blow. His empire is unmatched in power and is beloved by many. He judges with an iron […]

TLC: The Anti Role Model

June Shannon aka Aalan "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson [photo Janet Mayer  PRPhotos]

Remember when the acronym “T.L.C.” stood for something? More specifically, do you remember when it stood for “The Learning Channel?” I do. Apparently, its network executives don’t even remember that the channel actually served a purpose. Rather than refer to itself as The Learning Channel, the channel has stopped trying to deceive its viewers and […]

Rockstar Energy Drink: Uproar Festival 2014

CHACHI RIOT - POP EVIL (photo Travis Failey / RSEN)

    The 2014 version of the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Tour stormed into the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater in Tampa on Saturday. This year’s tour consisted of up and coming bands like Sons of Revelry and established hitmakers in Godsmack and Seether. The festival stage promptly opened at 2:25pm with the “Battle of the […]

Cubs Win! Cubs!

9-3-14 Ken Carson (R) and Dave Keller

DUNEDIN, FLA.–Florida State League VP Ken Carson (R) presents Daytona Cubs manager Dave Keller (L) with the FSL Northern Division Crown after their rain delayed 9-4 victory over the Dunedin Blue Jays.  The Cubs took the playoffs in two straight out scoring Dunedin 20-5 in the best of three.   

When Life gives you Lemons… Throw out the First Pitch

Entrepreneur T.J. Guerrero not only can manage F&B costs but he has a heck of a pitch (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

T.J. Guerrero  was challenged by Dunedin resident Doug Wilkey to have the City of Dunedin close Guerrero’s lemonade stand.  So the Dunedin Blue Jays must like lemonade because T.J. Guerrero threw out tonight’s first pitch and RSEN’s Eddie Michels was there.   Tampa Bay Times story 

Mayberry Jr. to the Jays

John Mayberry Jr. slides into home this spring (Eddie Michels / RSEN photo)

The Blue Jays have acquired John Mayberry Jr.  from the Philles  for minor league infielder Gustavo Pierre. Mayberry has hit .213 in 63 games this season with seven doubles, six home runs and 21 RBI in 122 at bats.  Has been on the disabled list since July 21 with left wrist inflammation and has appeared in nine games with the […]

Is Roger High?

OOPPS! Josh Gordon can't catch a reduction this pre-season. (Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)

  So I see Josh Gordon will miss the entire 2014 season because he may have been smoking the turbo performance enhancing drug known as Marijuana, yet Ray Rice a self-admitted wife beater will miss only 2 games for knocking out his wife in an elevator. Way to keep it classy Rog! I would love […]

Morrow Rehab


DUNEDIN, FLA.–Toronto Blue Jays RHP Brandon Morrow (torn tendon shield right index finger) made his first rehab outing for Class-A Dunedin on Wednesday August 27, 2014 against Daytona.  On the 60-day DL Morrow pitched the sixth inning in relief striking out one on 14-pitches, 11 for strikes with a consistent 96-97 fastball.  Morrow faced four […]