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The 13 – Featuring Jack Grisham

Live form LB

What is “The 13” you ask? It’s simple, 13 questions and answers with interesting people. This time we have Jack Grisham, the front man of the legendary punk band, T.S.O.L. letting us peak into his wonderful and artful mind. Ott: T.S.O.L. has a new album coming out (which I can’t wait to hear), what can […]

You Ott to be Listening: Volume 7


This week’s playlist is nothing but covers. Covers go a long way with me and these 10 go the distance. Don’t forget to support the bands, and when I say support I don’t just me listen to their songs… I’m talking buying their Merchandise, go to their shows, and help promote them. O’Keefe Music Foundation: […]

You OTT to be Listening Volume 6

Red Wanting Blue_400x400

Follow me on twitter at @Otts_thoughts 20 Watt Tombstone “Goddamn” – @20watttombstone Ignite “This is War” – @ignite2 Prong “Ultimate Authority” – @prongmusic Kaleo “No Good” – @officialKaleo Jesika Von Rabbit “Glamorous Misery” – @JesikaVonRabbit Maid Of Ace “Stay Away” – @MaidofAce Stone Driver “Icarus Cycle” – @stonedriverband Ruben Cheney “Defeat the Gravity” – @Ruben7Seven […]

You Ott to be Listening Volume 4

Zakk Wylde  (photo Mark McGauley / NYS Music)

    No long winded intro’s this week; I’ll let the music do the talking for me. Here are 10 songs to make your day/week/life better just by hearing them. Again, support the bands by following them on Twitter, going to their shows, purchase their music and merchandise and tell your friends about them. Oh… […]

You Ott to be Listening Volume 3

beautiful bodies

Damn that week went fast… Well I’m back with another playlist for all of you to enjoy, the music you find on here typically will not be found on the radio (does anybody listen to the radio anymore?) I try to mix it up, I try to present something for everybody and I try to […]


  As a child I would spend many of my summers in the Detroit suburb of Allen Park with my Aunt and Cousins. I remember traveling though Detroit in the 80’s and 90’s and seeing all walks of life, all types of people and the city itself had a hard and cold feeling to it. […]

You Ott to be Listening!! Volume 2


All right, all right, all right!!! IT’s TIME for Ott’s Weekly Playlist!! Who made the cut this week? Read along and find out. Remember the rules, listen to each song, play the videos go to the artists and labels twitter pages and websites and show support. These artists are pursing dreams and every bit of […]

Divorce in San Francisco

San Francisco 49ers chief executive officer Jed York (left), Chip Kelly (center), and San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke (right) pose for a photo in a press conference after naming Kelly as the new head coach for the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium Auditorium. (photo Kyle Terada / USA TODAY Sports)

  Chip Kelly, Trent Baalke and Jed York need to do something and do it quickly. Time is running out for them to make the moves that could alter the entire outcome of the 2016 Draft. They hold the 7th pick in the Draft and have needs all over… Offensive Line, Wide Receiver, Defensive Backs, […]

Rebirth: a New Introduction to Music

sleeping w sirens

I have a goal, a new goal of sorts and this is one that I know I can accomplish. As you may or may not know I’m addicted, I’m infected and it’s incurable. Please don’t feel bad for me, don’t worry about me and don’t think you can help can help me. I am addicted […]

Billy and Me

Blond wig-stache

I left Southern California via moped to the great Desert Oasis of Las Vegas, or the locals call it Vegas. I was on the hunt; I was searching for an elusive and maybe even an endangered creature known as Manzielious Williamnosis or just Billy for short. I checked into the hotel around 6:00pm after an […]