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A Final Review

NBA: Playoffs-New Orleans Pelicans at Golden State Warriors

  After playing over 100 games and almost 5,000 minutes the NBA finals have come to an end.  The Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games and won their first NBA title in 40 years.  The NBA got the matchup it wanted and the matchup that NBA fans had been clamoring for.  […]


(photo David Richard / USA TODAY Sports)

  Sports history has taught us that a player from the winning team is always named MVP.  Not since 1969 when the Lakers lost to the Boston Celtics and Jerry West of the Lakers was named MVP, has an NBA finals MVP come from the losing team.  But that 45 year drought could be coming […]

King vs. Curry

NBA: Playoffs-New Orleans Pelicans at Golden State Warriors

NBA FINALS PREVIEW It all comes down to this.  After more than 82 games and 4,000 minutes played, two teams are left.  The Golden State Warriors will battle the Cleveland Cavaliers as each team looks to make history.  For the Golden State Warriors they are looking to win their first title in 40 years.  The […]

Cleveland’s Window


Cleveland. What image comes to mind when the word is uttered? Is it smoke and fire billowing from the Cuyahoga River? Is it block after block and neighborhood after neighborhood of dilapidated and boarded up houses? Do abandoned steel mills come to mind? Given the portrait painted by journalists and media in general, it is […]

Lebron Returns To Cleveland As A Champion, Leader

(photo David Richard / USA TODAY Sports)

by MARK STEVES   It was certainly a busy summer for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as superstar Lebron James returned to his hometown team to try and help turn around the franchise in the next few years. The ripple effect of him signing as a free agent encouraged others such as Kevin Love, Shawn Marion, Mike […]

The Cowardly Lion Returns!

NBA: Finals-San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat

  Four years ago when things got tough in Cleveland Lebron got going. The Cavs outlook was bleak and what did King James do? He ran down south for he was afraid to go through a rebuilding time. He so famously took his talents to South Beach and teamed up with his pals. Since then […]

NBA Round-Up


  A lot has been going on in the NBA recently and here I am to catch you up on a few of the happenings, the trade deadline, the  All-Star game,  injuries and rumors (I’ll start a few). Oh yes and let me get it out of the way… I know my Lakers are playing […]

LeBron’s Legacy

(photo by: USA TODAY Sports Derick Hingle)

Not five, not six, not seven. Nope, only two championships for LeBron James and his Miami Heat after three seasons which include a Finals loss to the Mavericks that first season. Yes, many people outside of the Heat fan base (and their newly acquired fans) were irked by LeBron’s television event to hang several teams […]

Youthful Revolution

Andrew Luck (Stanford University Athletics Photo)

Across sports they say, “It’s a young man’s game.” No matter the sport youth is valued ahead of experience, wisdom and even talent in some cases. Sports are for athletes in their physical prime, of course we get that. But if you look across the four major American sports, there are many athletes south of […]

Lebron Taking On A Heavier Load In The 2013 Playoffs

Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh (Issac Baldizon / Getty Images)

The NBA playoffs are down to the final four teams, and after an easy ride up to this point, the Miami Heat are being forced to play a challenging team. Indiana can match up with them well, even utilizing more size inside. Unlike last season, the Heat are acting less and less like a true […]