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2014 MLB Season Underway and the Howard House Update Continues

2014 MLB Season Underway and the Howard House Update Continues

  BELLAIRE BEACH, FLA.–Philadelphia Phillies 1B Ryan Howard’s new home on Bellaire Beach seems to be progressing.  While taking these photo I was able to ask a construction supervisor about how long before it was completed.  His answer was a short, “About a year.”  Howard is batting .224 this year with 18 strikeouts, 3 HRs […]

Ryan House Update Dec 2013

Ryan House Update Dec 2013

BELLAIRE BEACH FLA.–Phillies first sacker Ryan Howard’s new $25-million home on the beach appears to be progressing on Saturday December 14, 2013.  This shot taken from the beach side shows a construction fence in place that won’t been there when he moves in.  In fact the three beach front houses north of Howard’s new home […]

House of Howard, the Updates Continue

Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard's new $25-million home on Belleair Beach, Fla. appears to be making progress on Monday October 14, 2013.  Taken from the roadside  paint is being applied while windows are being set into place. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

Eddie Michels takes a chronological look at the House of Howard…

Time to Visit with Contractor


Ryan Howard has some time to see that his Bellaire Beach mansion is coming along to his specs…

House of Howard Update

Phillies 1B Ryan Howard's $23-million home on Bellaire Beach south of Clearwater Beach appears to be making progress.  It now has a roof on it which it didn't have prior to spring training this year. (EDDIE MICHELS/PHOTO)


Ryan Howard takes some infield in Clearwater (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

Ryan Howard talks about being in the line up all year

Howard in Clearwater

Earlier this week Howard works on some throws to the second  (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

CLEARWATER, Fla.–Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard  starts working out in what will be his  hometown soon, shows no problems with his left Achilles that was operated on October 12, 2011 as he fields grounders at the team’s Carpenter Complex earlier today.  Howard prepares for his 10th MLB season all with Philadelphia. In last year’s injury shortened […]

House of Howard

Eddie Michel photo

What do they say? “Big stick, big house.” Ryan Howard’s $23 million home on the beach is under costruction

Rub Some Dirt in It

Not a common picture anymore, Evan Longoria anchoring the hot corner for the Rays. (photo by PR Photo)

All-Star disabled list… hey Toto, these guys won’t be in Kansas… or should we say Kansas City, Missouri… Darius breaks down the All-Star list…


Trpoical storm floods Phillies facilities, Howard cuts workout…