Team Canada Photos by Eddie Michels

By on September 15, 2012

Former major league stars Larry Walker, hitting coach (right) and Ernie Whitt, manager take a break in St. Petersburg as they prepare to lead team Canada to Germany. (Eddie Michels photo)














Adam Loewen takes time to sign for the fans (Eddie Michels photo)



Phillies Chris Kissock from Trail British Columbia (Eddie Michels photo)


RHP Jamie Richmond Mississauga Ontario (Eddie Michels photo)














St. Petersburg, Fla. – Eddie Michels on location at the Huggins-Stengal Complex in St. Petersburg capturing live action of team Canada as they

RHP Tom Boleska from Burlington Ontario (Eddie Michels photo)

prepare for the World Baseball Classic qualifier in Germany.

Team Canada plays tomorrow in Sarasota at 1 PM game Sunday against a squad of Baltimore Orioles minor leaguers at Ed Smith Stadium.

Jays Adam Loewen rips a doubles (Eddie Michels photo)

Then it’s off to Germany on Monday to take on Great Britain Thursday as Blue Jays Shawn Hill is schedule to get the start.

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