The 26 Best Sports Films

By on September 16, 2010

26. Blue Crush- Hot Girls + Bikinis = Great Film

25. CaddyShack– Sooo Damn Funny! But I hate the Gopher.

24. Driven-There was a hot girl in there and fast cars!

23. Gladiator – One hell of fight with fat old dude and Swedish looking youngster!

22. Point Break- Surfing is a sport, and so robbing banks should be a sport. Plus Johnny Utah is a Buckeye in it..

21. Teen Wolf- A basketball playing teen Wolf Man that also car surfs…come on now!

20. The Running Man- Richard Dawson is a great villain.

19. The Wrestler- Mickey Rourke played it like no other could.

18. Strange Brew- The McKenzie brothers made drinking a sport. Not to mention the hockey.

17. Karate Kid– a geeky Italian, a midget ninja, a chubby hot girl (Elisabeth Shue), and karate. STRIKE FIRST. STRIKE HARD. NO MERCY SIR

16. The Color of Money- Pool is just fun to watch!

15. KingPin- The landlord was a sexy beast!

14. Brewsters Millions- John Candy and Richard Pryor. CLASSIC!

13. Gymkata- Just watch it and be amazed!

12. Rocky IV- I must Break YOU!

11. Major League- Who would have thought WILDTHING would have turned out to be a sex crazed drunk?

10. The WaterBoy- The FONZ is in it.

9. Basketball Diaries- Creepy and sad, but a great film.

8 . Johnny Be Good– I don’t know what to say here, but it’s a good flick.

7. Hoosiers- The best basketball movie made!

6. Any Given Sunday– Ahh Cameron Diaz before she became annoying.

5. Talladega Nights- Shake and Bake!

4. BloodSport- It’s a bloody sport with awesome slow motion scenes.

3. Remember the Titans- Denzel at his best, and a great story.

2. PoolHall Junkies- Chaz Palmentari, Christopher Walken, Mars Callahan and POOL!

1. The Program- it just is! Don’t…just don’t argue, accept it.

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    Brewster’s Millions, lol, classic! But where’s The Replacements? Or only one Keanu movie allowed per list?

  2. Kevin Palumbo says:

    No Tin Cup? I agree with you leaving out Field of Dreams, which is the most overrated movie in history, but no Tin Cup? And what about Slapshot?

  3. Justin says:

    Another good list. I’m going to be thinking of sports movies all day now. Thanks. A League of Their Own, Gleaming the Cube, The Man Who Souled The World, Jerry Maguire…

  4. shelley! says:

    What about Vision Quest?

  5. Scoops says:

    Nice list, maybe I’d move some of the order around, but some possible missing flicks (no particular order):
    -Rollerball (original)
    -The Bad News Bears
    -The Natural
    -Bull Durham
    -We Are Marshall

    Of course there’s more, and room for debate as always.

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