“The Wall Live” in Tampa: A Show to Remember

By on January 12, 2011

     A friend and I experienced Roger Waters and his crew perform “The
Wall Live” at the St Pete Times Forum in Tampa on a Tuesday Night, November 16th, 2010.
We are both huge Pink Floyd/Roger Waters fans from way back.
We were in high school when “The Wall” first came out in 1979 and
neither of us saw any of the shows from the 1980-81 Wall Tours.  We were
both thrilled to have a chance to attend this concert. I saw Roger twice.  It was during the DSOTM tour in 2006 (Bristow) and 2007 (Philadelphia) and they were impressive concerts.      

     The crowd was a good size, older and well-behaved, which I expected.  We felt young at times walking through the crowd, however we saw some parents had brought their kids to the show.
I was glad to see they are passing on the Floyd/Waters torch on to younger generations. 

      Our seats, which were great by the way, were in Section 209, Row A.  They were well worth what I paid for them.  I am glad we sat towards the back of the venue, centered right on the
stage/wall.  We were able to easily see everything being projected on
the wall and the screens, as well as the puppets. My friend works in the
entertainment/production industry so it was cool having him describe some
of the things that were going on before the show started.  He was telling me what
some of the crew was doing in and around the sound boards and other
equipment.  Looking at the program, recognizing names, he stated he had worked
with some of Roger’s crew in the past. 

      The concert kicked off at around 8:15pm.  The whole show was an
outstanding experience with the band playing a superb set and sounding
awesome.  The sound was loud, crisp and clear, but not too loud.  The
imagery, pictures, film, and text being projected on the wall and the
screens were unbelievably great and stirred up emotions in the crowd.
Kudos to those who planned, created and produced this masterpiece.  Some of the
images really hit home for me, a retired military combat veteran.  I
wish I had words to better describe how we felt about all aspects of the
show.  We were stone cold sober for the show, and I still feel like I
missed things being projected on the wall/screens.  The show was an
indescribable experience that we felt, watched and heard.  For me, it
was like going to a ceremony to celebrate, behold, and experience “The
Wall” with other Floyd/Waters fans.  I did not want to miss anything.

     I did not detect any musical or technical errors during the show.
My friend said they may have had trouble with the “Wife” puppet during
the show.   It was great to see and hear Roger chatting up the crowd between
songs; he looked and sounded happy and healthy.  Furthermore, I thought the Patel Conservatory students did an excellent job.

      I would love to see “The Wall Live” again
on this tour and I highly recommend this tour to any Floyd/Waters fans.
See it while you can.  It is well worth it.  It would also be a great
show to take casual rock fans to experience as it will set the bar high
for them.  This show ranks in my top 3 of all of the around 100 concerts
I have attended.  “The Wall Live” was an awesome spectacle to behold and I hope some of these shows get recorded for a future DVD/CD release. 
We wish Roger and his and crew continued success on this tour.

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