24 Days Left to NFL Kickoff 2013 and Ott Knows…

By on August 12, 2013

Will the 49ers make it back to the big game? (photo: Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE)

After watching a few preseason games I have seen the future, it’s bright for some and bleak for others. Who will win it all? Who will fail miserably and who will surprise the heck out of you? All those questions and more will be answered. I’ve looked through my crystal ball and have seen it all, and because I am such a great guy and overall helpful fella I thought I would share it with all of you.


  • Jacksonville Jags will have the worst record in the NFL.  


  • Christian Ponder will fail to win a game and will be replaced with Matt Cassel by week 5.


  • 2 Seahawks players will be suspended for taking PED’s.

  • Mike Vick will miss at least 3 games due to injuries, causing him to lose his temper and kick a puppy while somebody is recording him.
  • Ndamuking Suh will be fined and ejected from 2 more games this season for Unnecessary Roughness
  • This might be the play!!! Nah, they don’t play til December 8th, both teams will eliminated from the playoffs, no one will care.                                                                              Above photo, Ndamuking Suh chasing down Michael Vick last year on October the 14th in Philadelphia. (photo USA TODAY Sports Images – Howard Smith)


  • Justin Blackmon will rack up another DUI and will be traded for a 6th round pick.
  •  Ben Roethlisberger will complete a full season without anybody claiming he raped them.


  • Brett Favre will say he is making a comeback.


  • Terrell Owens will not play in the NFL and if he does, whoever signs him needs to be fired.


  • Tony Romo will lead the League in Interceptions.


  • Alden Smith will lead the League in sacks.


  • Aaron Hernandez will continue to claim he is innocent, even after a jury finds him guilty. He will then find out that he no longer has a “tight end”.


  • 17 players will be arrested this season.


  • 92% of the Browns fans will think of selecting a new team to cheer for, but only .001% will make the change.


  • The Steelers will miss the Play-offs.


  • The Cowboys will miss the Play-offs causing Al Davis…. I mean Jerry Jones to fire Jason Garrett.


  • The Jets will miss the Play-offs and Rex Ryan will be fired.


  • Jim Schwartz will be fired after the Lions miss the Play-offs


  • Tom Coughlin will be fired (or retire) if the Giants miss the Play-offs


  • Defensive Rookie of the year will go to Dee Milliner


  • Offensive Rookie of the year will go to E.J. Manuel


  • Peyton Manning will win the MVP award.

Peyton Manning winning the Super Bowl with his former team. Will he win the MVP and get Denver there again? Ott says so… (photo: US PRESSWIRE/Brian Spurlock)


NFC EAST: Redskins

NFC NORTH: Packers

NFC SOUTH: Atlanta

NFC WEST: San Francisco

Wild Card: Saints

Wild Card: Giants


Possible sleepers: Tampa Bay and Seattle


AFC EAST: Patriots

AFC NORTH: Baltimore

AFC SOUTH: Houston

AFC WEST: Denver

Wild Card: Buffalo

Wild Card: Cincinnati


Possible Sleeper: Cleveland (I can’t help it) and Indianapolis


San Fran vs. Denver:  My crystal ball became very cloudy at this point and I was unable to see who wins the big game, sorry.

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