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By on July 21, 2012

Uniform swap? In February Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard (12) attempts to score on Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Anderson Varejao. In July, trade rumors? (photo by US PPRESSWIRE - Douglas Jones)

Let’s assume the rumors are true, let’s assume the trade happens and let’s assume it plays out like this. The Lakers will send Andrew Bynum to the Cleveland Cavs in return the Cavs will send a group of draft picks and Anderson Varejoa to the Orlando Magic. The Magic will send Dwight Howard and Jason Richardson to the Lakers and Hedo Turkoglu to the Cavs.

This trade is actually as great move on all parts, and here is why.

For the Lakers it gives them a Center that plays amazing defense, and averages a double-double and adds depth the bench. It adds another superstar next to Kobe, Nash, and Gasol. Mike Brown is a defense first coach and adding D12 is like a dream come true for him. D12 will, if it’s possible, actually improve his defense under Mike Brown, and that alone should frighten the rest of the NBA. Howard will also have a premier Point Guard for the first time in his career in Nash.

The offensive possibilities should also be equally frightening. With a starting line up of Nash, Kobe, Metta World Peace, Gasol and Howard it will be nearly impossible to double team anybody on the starting line-up. Steve Nash not only frustrates the defense with his vision and passing ability, but let’s not forget he is a shooter as well. But to me the most important trait Nash has is he makes EVERYBODY on his team better, he is much like Kobe in the ways he approaches the game, he wants to and needs to win. Don’t forget Nash made Gortat an All-Star and without Nash, Stoudemire would have been what he is now, just above average.

Jason Richardson coming off the bench with Jordan Hill and Antawn Jamison will improve the scoring from the 2nd Unit, and will also give Kobe much needed rest thought the regular season.

This move sets the Lakers up to win 2 championships over the next 3 years, it gives the Lakers a Super Star to take over after Kobe leaves and it gives Howard and Nash rings.

The Magic will get Varejoa, a fan favorite and a feisty defensive guy that can play Power forward or Center. Moving JRich and Turk will free up tons of cap space so they can attract a few Free Agents in the offseason, and most importantly draft picks. Lots of draft picks that will allow General Manager, Rob Hennigan to build a team of his liking. With guys like Nerlens Noel, Shabazz Muhammad and Jabari Parker all coming to the NBA in the next few years Orlando has a very good chance to grab one or more of the future Stars.

With guys like Chris Paul, Monta Ellis, Josh Smith and Andre Igoudala all set to be free agents in the next few years the Magic will have the cap space to sign a few to a max deals. Orlando knows this is a rebuilding effort and it will take a few years to get where they want to be, much like the Oklahoma Thunder, they will take baby steps until they have a group of guys to make a run for the title.

Cleveland Cavs
The Cavs have been building through the draft for years and one piece they have been missing is a Center that can dominate in the paint. Bynum brings the Cavs a guy with championship experience and a guy that desperately wants to be the “go-to” force on the team. Kyrie Irving will thrive with a 7 foot scoring machine in Bynum, and the possibility to move Zeller to the Power Forward slot would give the Cavs two 7 footers in the paint, much like the Lakers and the old Spurs. Many feel Hedu is just an aging that is overpaid, but I see him as a veteran forward that could still help a team like Cleveland. He fits the Byron Scott mold; he is an above average 3 point shooter that also happens to have decent court vision. He is accustomed to playing with a talented Center from his years with Howard and although many feel his is washed up I think he will help the Cavs more than he was able to the Magic or the Raptors.

The possibilities are very intriguing for the Cavs if they land Bynum, it will give Kyrie a huge target, it will give the Cavs more fire power and it will attract free agents knowing that Cavs are on the verge of being a powerhouse in the East. I’m still not sold on Waiters, but if he comes around the Cavs will have a young and energetic core to build from. The rest of the pieces will have to fall via trades or free agency but they will already have a very solid foundation.

Cleveland with Bynum and Irving will be a dynamic duo. Tow young kids both very intelligent almost geeks but with major upsides will run the town, bring back a sense of pride that was tossed to the side when Lebron ripped their hearts out (just like I predicted) and left them for championship in Miami.

This move is not only good for all three teams but its good for the fans. Lakers fans will get to see Kobe win rings 6 and 7 and surpass Jordan, Cavs fans will get to see their team grow into a beast in the East and the Magic fans will finally not have to worry about the Dwight Howard problems and they can hope for a team building effort much like the Oklahoma Thunder, fast, athletic, and young.

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