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John House, Writer Music/Film - John House, a frequent contributor to, has been involved in music in the Cincinnati area for all of his life. Having played full time, throughout the 80s and nineties, he now only plays occasionally. John comes from a musical family with his uncle, children’s entertainer and author Darrell House, and his brother, two-time Cammy award winning guitar player, Rick House.

Is Star Wars the Best Summer Movie?

Is Star Wars the Best Summer Movie? When I think of summer movies, I think of the subject matter, not the time of year it came out. Recently did a contest on the best summer movie of all time. Although it had 64 movies originally going for the top spot, it was based on release date. Heck, […]

5 Great Summertime Sports Movies

Sports and Entertainment have always had a great relationship, perhaps now more than ever. With LeBron James getting a television special to announce his new team decision and Chad Ochocinco appearing on Dancing with the Stars, it seems like a fine time to think about great sports movies. It’s a great way to beat the heat and it beats summer re-runs. Everyone has their favorite sports film, so here are just a few to consider when going to the video store.