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TAMPA, Fla. (RSE)—Ahhh, 38-13. This is what most expected, even though I must admit I may have been a little fooled.  This surprised me. Charlie Batch? I mean numbers, 12 for 17, 186 yards, 3 TD’s and 2 picks were not all impressive but with Mike Wallace’s best rendition of 60 Minutes in 3 catches, the Steelers stroll into the stadium formerly known as Tampa Stadium and dominate the Bucs.  I guess when you have a receiver that has 3 grabs for 100 yards, errr,  the other 86 yards and 9 completions the quarterback puts up are rather meaningless.

Batch started slow when on the second play from scrimmage he was picked by Aqib Talib. But after that the Bucs secondary seemed to ah, let me think… oh I know, made Batch look like a Pro-bowler en- route to a career year.

Cody Grimm, I gave him a plug on the radio show Saturday (I’m really excited about this kid, do they make a Hallmark that says, Tanard thanks for being an idiot?) , and Buc fans Cody will get better, come on he’s a rookie.  But even dad a former offensive lineman will tell Cody when playing DB you need to turn around and locate the football.  Ok Aqib, we loved the pick but your variation of the tip drill needs to go.  Two TD’s Batch to Wallace, which was enough.

 Two long Charlie Batch TD’s to Mike Wallace, two poor secondary plays.  Sorry Charlie no love here.  But I know your third TD pass, the one to Hines Ward, was good, but I have never seen 5 defensive players in the end-zone watching an opponent catch a TD, really ever.  That will look awesome on the film Coach Morris, no chest bumping for that play.

However the starting secondary did manage 24 total tackles.  Well after all, Rashard Mendenhall, average 7.5 yards per carry (143 on 19).

Charlie Batch and the Ben-less Terrible Towel Gang are 3 and 0.  Isn’t that what matters? 

While our Beloved Band of Pewter Pirates drop to 2 and 1.  Drop to 2 and 1!  That is still cool.  Our worst thoughts of what Sunday might be, came true, a real woodshed job by the Steelers but the Bucs will be ok.

The side note that I want to see unravel from this contest is Roger Goodell and the National Mafia League, oh slip up, I mean the National Football League figure out how the blackout rule was by-passed in Tampa.  That is the rumor on the street this morning. 

Hey Roger, things are just getting started, let it go.

This is Rick Sassone, Rocket Sports & Entertainment… I’ll see you in the end zone!

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