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Another year has ended for what it’s worth and yours truly might have learned a thing or two, maybe.

First off fans check out those other year end stories; they were written in mid-November and published the first two weeks of December. Therefore it appears that the writers don’t think much of the last month and a half of the calendar year. Maybe they think nothing happens those six weeks with three of the biggest holidays of the year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Think about it fans and just check it out next year at this time.

Now think about this, Canada’s national sport is not hockey but lacrosse but tell that to a Canadian and they get a bit upset.

That being said the Americans and our friends to the north played a reverse this past year as at the Pan Am Games Canada won the gold in baseball. Of course they were managed by an American while in hockey, juniors that is, the US beat Canada. Then of course the Toronto Maple Leafs are still like the Titanic, at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Okay a bit of a joke there as Buffalo is also there with them.

Now staying north of the border you see the Toronto Blue Jays making post season play for the first time since 1993. Then of course they just had to let go the team’s president and GM that were instrumental in getting them there.

That past president ran interference for the past GM so he could do his job now they hired a president who might just be causing interference for the new GM. Should be a bit interesting during the 2016 season, eh!

I see American Legion Baseball is about done here on the gulf coast, travel ball ended that. Am wondering how much longer little league will be around, also because of travel ball.

We can at least remember that the Lightning did make a run at the cup but the Blackhawks stopped them short. At least they made the effort.

Now it appears buy the money being spent by the Blue Jays that they are staying in Dunedin at least for a while.

But down in the southern part of Pinellas County the Atlanta Braves might not be moving from Disney to a new complex in St. Pete.

Rumor has it that they will be going to Naples with another team for spring training. More on this later.

Just a note here fans and if the Braves new complex that was shown in the local daily paper was correct the fans won’t like if for one reason. If you had looked closely you would have seen that the stadium was a bit of a hike for the fans from where they would be parking their cars. Enough said here for the senior citizens benefit.

One thing I would like to see in 2016 and that is a bit more netting to protect the fans at ball games. This past year I saw two fans, one watching, one not taking foul balls in their faces damaging their eyesight. Hopefully something will be done.

In closing fans in 2015 as it was in the past and appears to be continuing into the future, the more you do to help your fellow man the more you will get screwed. So until then…

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