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By on June 3, 2015


De Aza adds depth to an already cloudy outfield situation. (photo USA TODAY SPORTS / Joy R. Absalon)

De Aza adds depth to an already cloudy outfield situation. (photo USA TODAY SPORTS / Joy R. Absalon)

The Red Sox acquired Alejandro De Aza from the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday. This doesn’t mean the Red Sox are going to trade Mookie Betts for Cole Hamels; take a step back there. However, there are a few scenarios that have opened up. The Phillies have, all along, been looking for top prospects in exchange for Hamels. The introduction of De Aza in Boston means that the Red Sox have depth at the outfield position, sure, but this doesn’t mean that an outfielder is going to be traded.

It’s no secret that Hanley Ramirez is not a good left fielder. Period. There is simply no argument to be made against that. I don’t care how odd it may be playing in front of a 37-foot wall. You should also note that the production of Mike Napoli has been less than expected. What does all this mean?

The Red Sox, now, have the ability to slide De Aza in at left field, move Ramirez back to the infield (first base), and look to trade Napoli.

Sure, the 33-year-old first baseman is having a down year. He does, however, add value to a team looking for right-handed pop. He can play first base or DH, making him a great for a team hoping to contend in 2015. His contract runs through the end of this year so there is very little risk involved.

Here are two potential destinations if the Red Sox choose to deal Napoli.

Houston Astros:

The Astros are quite possibly the leagues biggest surprise this season. Many of you question whether they will be able to maintain the success that has propelled them to first place in the AL West. Rightfully so! Chris Carter is a right handed bat at first base but the Astros could solidify the DH-spot with a power bat like Napoli. Allowing Evan Gattis to move to left field. Or worst-case, provide them with some much needed depth and leadership.

Oakland Athletics:

The A’s signed Ike Davis in the off season; he hasn’t played in a game since a quad injury landed him on the 15-day DL, on May 13. Napoli would add a great right-handed counter to the left-handed slugging Davis.

Regardless of what the Red Sox may have in mind here, one thing remains certain. They do not want to trade Betts.

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