Die Antwoord in Nashville

By on November 18, 2010

Every once in a while I need a break from the “ordinary” to get a cultural experience.  Of course, I must admit, I ask myself often, do I even know what “ordinary” is anymore?

On November 3, 2010 that break happened for me.  What started out as a causal trip to Nashville soon turned into a motivational experience I will never forgot.

It all started the Saturday night before while visiting with friends after a Halloween party.  Into some adult spirits and deep into the morning hours, a very out of the ordinary band was introduced to me; “Die Antwoord” and their video, “Enter the Ninja”.  My friend had four tickets to see Die Antwoord live at the Cannery Ballroom.  Before I could realize, he was booking flights to Nashville.

Yo-landi Visser spits water as one of her on stage antics. Photo By: Kazu Hishida

When we landed in Nashville and stepped out to grab a cab, I couldn’t help but notice the damp November air held a mystical essence.  We were off!  Next stop was Hotel Indigo, West End, well err after CVS.  Hotel Indigo nestled on the corner of West End Avenue and 18th Avenue South, on the doorstep of Vanderbilt University is a cozy, but contemporary hotel.   We couldn’t help but notice the aroma coming from Goten (a Japanese Steakhouse, located right off the quaint Hotel Indigo lobby).  After all we were talking about food since well before our departure from Tampa.

Yes, check-in and showers in what seemed like minutes, we were seated awaiting our master chef.

After a delicious Japanese meal consisting of almost everything on the menu, we were all saked up and ready for Die Antwoord. 

Off to Historic Cannery Row.  Just pulling up the charming alley, labeled “Cannery Row” one could feel the presence of the greatness of the past.  Iggy Pop, Lenny Kravitz,  Greg Allman, Robin Trower;  just to name a few.  The Cannery Ballroom; and it’s; wholly historical building.  Built in 1883, originally a flour mill, this beautiful structure of the past just seemed to follow suit of the whole experience.

Jeff the Brotherhood and Rye –Rye were to open for Die Antwoord.

Jeff the Brotherhood.  I would have said before that evening, no way, a two member rock band?  Well they were excellent.   Two brothers, Jamin and Jake Orrall, have a stage presence that makes you want to say, “Hey, Let’s ROCK, ROCK with Jeff the Brotherhood!”  These two guys make themselves the music.  Take note of Jamin, and his outward appearance of having sure fun on his drums.

Rye-Rye.  This is dance presentation done well. After this there will be no need to get in your aerobic work-out, as just watching this high energy group dance around the stage is sure to get your blood flowing.

Die Antwoord.  The crowd was jammed in the friendly confines of Cannery Ballroom.  I was standing there not really knowing what to expect.  After all I was exposed, and I do believe “exposed” is the correct word used to describe the discovering of this very unique group.   I must say there must be an explicit warning with Die Antwoord, but somehow their presentation takes the curse off it.

First off, front man, Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja) has a passionate way of communicating his deep rooted feelings about his past, being put down and rising to the top and creating Die Antwood all over the “Interweb”.  His lyrics below  from “Enter the Ninja” sums it all up.

Watkin Toder Jones (Ninja) and his high energy stage presence with passion. Photo By: Kazu Hishida

“Fuck, this is like
The coolest song I ever heard in my whole life
Fuck all of you who said I wouldn’t make it
Who said I was a loser
They said I was a no-one
They said I was a fuckin’ psycho
But look at me now:
All up on the interweb
World-wide, 2009
Enter the ninja
Yolandi Visser
DJ Hi-Tek
Die fokken Antwoord”

Yo-landi Visser, high energy butterfly? Yes this woman has a stage presence that blends the passion of her roots and her sexuality.  Capturing the attention of the audience in “Enter the Ninja” where she truly is the delicate butterfly and in “I Know What You Want Boy” she flaunts the confidence of a powerful woman.  

I, not knowing all what to expect, was moved by the theatrical talent of this group.  Although Nashville was the last stop in North America I would recommend catching these guys on the web and keep your eyes open for when they are back in North America in a city by you.  Even if you don’t like high energy explicit rap, I would say, what the hell… try this out. In general I am not a big rap fan beyond Snoop, Kid Rock and Eminem but now I will add Die Antwoord to the list… I know sorry Snoop, Kid and Marshall I put Die Antwoord in the same sentence.   Some people think I’m crazy, my friends and family already know.

(A special thanks to my good friend Lenny Simmons for making the trip possible.)

This is Rick Sassone, Rocket Sports & Entertainment, “I’ll see you back stage!”

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