Doyle Crushes Crowbar on the As We Die World Abomination Tour

By on October 23, 2018


Doyle ( Photo-Jordan Raiff )


With Jetter, The Prosecution, and Switchblade Villain

“‘Dark Gods Arise’ ‘AS WE DIE World Abomination Tour’ comes to Tampa ”

Warm and humid inside and out; sticky floors; amps turned up to 11;graffiti in the bathrooms; small stage lights…..yep it’s another metal show in Tampa. This time Crowbar in the historic section of Ybor City would be hosting local favorites Jetter, The Prosecution, Switchblade Villain, and the king of slam guitar playing and band namesake Doyle. With doors opening at 7:00, 15 people already waiting in line at 6:30, and the first band going on at 8:20, it looked like this would end up being a packed house. Surprisingly, the total turn out seemed to be about 115 people. Considering the size and layout of the venue, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It left room for a bit of moshing, no real lines for the bathroom, and easy access to any of their three bars.

Jetter ( Photo-Jordan Raiff )

            Opening up the night, Jetter took the stage to a decently warm crowd. Tossing out t-shirts and other swag as they played, their set was rather short and to the point. Comprised of 4 members, this is a band with experience playing the bar scene and it shows. While interacting with the fans, they made certain to showcase their melodic style on stage by even including an instrumental track that really showed off their abilities as a whole.

The Prosecution ( Photo-Jordan Raiff )

            Taking up the mid-opening act, The Prosecution is a band originally from Tampa who now find themselves spread out. Despite being young college kids, they perform like seasoned veterans. Their infectious energy had people tapping their toes, banging their heads, and ordering extra shots of Jack Daniels. It seems like this is the type of band who could be comfortable playing to the crowd at Crowbar, or opening up for some of the biggest touring acts. They have the kind of presence as a band that cannot be learned. You either have it or you don’t and with many years left to play, these kids already have it. Talking with their lead singer and drummer after the show, these are some gracious kids who have some true potential in front of them.

Switchblade Villain ( Photo-Jordan Raiff )

  Closing out the opening acts was Switchblade Villain. Much like the other openers, they asked the crowd about being ready for Doyle, and by now the shots and PBR’s have been flowing and they were ready. Both their stage presence and their songs are like punk rock and rockabilly had a bastard child, and yet it works like a champ. Crystal clear vocals, fan interactions galore both off and on stage, and smooth guitar riffs dominated their set. Even going so far as to dedicate a song ‘to your mom’ got a good chuckle out of a lot of the metal heads in attendance. They took great advantage of the limited space available on the stage, and really set the stage for Doyle to take over.

Switchblade Villain ( Photo-Jordan Raiff )

            With a 12 track set that lasted just about an hour, Doyle brought a pretty damn entertaining set to the show. No pyro, nothing gimmicky besides the trademark hair spike, platform boots, stage stomping, guitar slamming and body paint for Doyle. With Alex ‘Wolfman’ Story proclaiming almost everything as a ‘love song’, inviting people to dance (even offering to dance with you), climbing the speaker stacks, embracing the intimate stage he was on, and sweating on the people in front, this was a clinic on being a metal front man without being over bearing. Yet his style didn’t take anything away from Doyle’s stage presence, rather it complimented it. With how hard he slams his custom ‘Annihilator’ guitar ( Oktober Guitars ) Doyle changes guitars every song. It might seem excessive, but it truly is warranted for how hard he beats on them. A normal guitar wouldn’t stand up to this kind of abuse for long, so the frequent changes make complete sense.

Doyle ( Photo-Jordan Raiff )

Covering a mixture of tracks from their first album “Abominator” and “Doyle II: As We Die” they definitely had something for everyone who’s a fan of Doyle. Appropriately enough they opened with the title track ‘Abominator’ from their first album, carrying on through ‘Beast Like Me’, ‘Headhunter’, ‘Dreaming Dead Girls’, ‘Cemetery Sexxx’, ‘We Belong Dead’, and closing with my favorite song of the night ‘Hope Hell Is Warm’, this was one of the most rhythmic sets I have seen in ages. The incredibly aggressive drumming, ferocious bass riffs, and aggressively loud vocals, served to fully enhance the whole set. Quite honestly Doyle isn’t a group that rides off the coattails off one member like so many other bands. They truly are a work of art and something anyone who considers themselves a metal head needs to check out. The tour is just starting out and will continue on through the US until coming to an end December 27th in Philadelphia, PA.

More Photos From Jordan Raiff:

Doyle ( Photo-Jordan Raiff )

Switchblade Villain Doyle ( Photo-Jordan Raiff )

Doyle ( Photo-Jordan Raiff )



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