Dunedin to Residents, Jays come First

By on December 28, 2020

DUNEDIN, FLA. — It appears that “Freedom of Speech” along with the basic right of citizens doesn’t exist in Dunedin.  So just read on to what has happened to those who question those in charge.

Photos taken from the back side of the Odom Residence at 1867 Del Oro Court in Dunedin.  The first photo taken by the Odom’s is the dust clouds from the Toronto Blue Jays construction site across Garrison Rd. from the Odom residence.  The dust settled onto their 72 solar panels on their roof causing problems.

The second photo of a sign that Mr. Odom placed in his back yard  facing towards the new entrance to the Blue Jays minor league complex.  It was also the former entrance to the Dunedin resident owned Vanech Recreational Complex. The sign reads-WE ARE SUFFERING FROM THIS CONSTRUCTION DOES THE CITY OR THE TORONTO BLUE JAYS CARE? WE  DON’T THINK SO….IN OUR OPINION Mr. Odom went and talked to the guard at the gate to the new Blue Jays complex and about two days later, possibly November 25th the City of Dunedin officials ordered him to take down the sign.  No Freedom of Speech in Dunedin.

Now if this isn’t bad enough during construction tractor trailers started arriving at about 5 AM according to the Odom’s to make delivery even when the gates didn’t open to the site until 7 AM.  The sounds of the trucks made sleep a bit difficult.     Now probably the worst of all this and that is that while waiting to enter the site and the Odom’s daughter sometimes was swimming in the back yard pool the truckers would make obscene comments and gestures towards the young lady.  Enough EH?     The Odom’s neighbors have also suffered like they have.  They also have cracked cement block walls, floor tiles in their homes separating from the floors and cracked windows among other things because of the construction traffic on Garrison Rd.     Also in closing the Odom’s mentioned that they had tried to get a copy of the City of Dunedin meeting/public hearing minutes that gave the resident owned Vanech Complex to the Blue Jays.  It seems they don’t exist according to the Odom’s.     As a post script to all this is the Odom family made contacts, “We contacted the city and the Gilbane Construction Company and Zurich, Gilbane’s insurance company,” said Mrs. Odom, “No reports were given.”  Mrs. Odom continued stating, “They (the above) said the settling is being blamed on the house being built in 1985.”     The Odom’s will now be saddled with numerous repairs concerning everything from their floors to their pool deck, fish pond, solar panels, windows and their home’s basic construction.     “We only ask for them to accept responsibility and workers to come and make repairs,” said Mrs. Odom, “We have video’s of the home before, during and after.”     This is just one of many residences in the area damaged some even on Cottonwood Lane, so who will accept responsibility to repair the damage?

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  1. Mike Quill says:

    It seems to me that the Odom family has a legitimate complaint. This is an opportunity for the Blue Jays organization, and City Officials to come together and listen to this family. Their voice matters!!! This is a huge construction project which goes beyond to the footprint of the property. I do hope the City and Blue Jay’s organization are already meeting to help this family mitigate this problem. This does affect their quality of life. So please do something for this family, and other families in that area before this polarizes into am I unnecessary situation. Judging by this article, nothing is being addressed. That’s not right! I hope the Odom’s get this resolved.

    Thank you

    Mike Quill

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