Florida Hospital North Pinellas Donates Computers to Local School

By on April 5, 2013


With much of the school curriculum now online, students find the donated computers to be very helpful in completing their studies more efficiently.(photo courtesy of Florida Hospital North Pinellas)

 (courtesy of Florida Hospital North Pinellas)

Tarpon Springs, Fla. – Florida Hospital North Pinellas is happy to work with New Port Richey’s Adventist Christian Academy in continuing to Extend the Healing Ministry of Christ.  In January, the hospital donated computers to the school in hopes to further the efficiency and effectiveness of the students’ time in the classrooms with the aid of technology.

“Much of the curriculum our school follows is online nowadays,” said the New Port Richey’s Adventist Christian Academy Principal, Almibar Cruz. “The students utilize Microsoft PowerPoint to complete Science and Social Studies projects. Our eighth grade classes are now required to partake in a typing program,” said Cruz. “The parents are excited. The students are really happy having new computers. It’s a wonderful thing!”

Florida Hospital North Pinellas’ donation of computer to the school was an unexpected blessing to students, parents and teachers.(photo courtesy of Florida Hospital North Pinellas)

Mark Schiefer, Hospital Operating Board Member at Florida Hospital North Pinellas, said the computer donation was an “unexpected blessing.” Schiefer said, “Normally in a smaller school, like New Port Richey’s Adventist Christian Academy, you have to do a lot just to keep up; for me to get a phone call saying ‘we would like to help you out with new computers’ was just totally unexpected. We’re very grateful for this donation.”

The hospital, a member of the Adventist Health System, aims to provide nothing less than extraordinary compassionate care to not only the patients but also to the community. “We have been blessed with a beautiful facility, knowledgeable staff and focused team members, it is important to extend our reach and provide support to our future leaders,” said Paul Hoover, VP of Business Development with Florida Hospital North Pinellas. “We love to contribute when possible and we’re proud to do just that to the teachers and educators who are dedicated to providing a world-class education in a Christ-centered environment.”

Students at New Port Richey’s Adventist Christian Academy are happy to have new computers to aid in their schoolwork.(photo courtesy of Florida Hospital North Pinellas)

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