Fozzy Rides the “Sacrifice And Sin” Tour Through Houston

By on October 25, 2013

Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho at the House of Blues in Houston, September 28, 2013 (photo by Danae Saree)

If you’ve been following the evolution of Fozzy, you know this group has made massive strides from their inception as a tongue-in-cheek cover band put together by members of Stuck Mojo. If you haven’t been following the evolution of Fozzy, now would be a great time to start.

I caught up with the Sacrifice and Sin tour in Houston, Texas to catch Fozzy (along with Atlanta metallers Halcyon Way and NWOBHM trailblazers, Saxon) at the House Of Blues, where Fozzy played several tracks off of their latest release, “Sin And Bones.”

WWE pro-wrestler/vocalist Chris Jericho’s years of combined experience as a larger-than-life performer have been a tremendous asset that definitely showed during the band’s set. These guys came out all guns blazing with Jericho in a studded jacket with sunglasses. Fozzy instantly took command of a solid crowd that had already been whipped into a frenzy by the opening band, Halcyon Way.

Fozzy performed a sizeable handful of new material, including the rollicking and very catchy “She’s My Addiction” (think Sunset Strip with a big set of brass balls) and my personal favorite of the night, “Shine Forever,” a brooding, heavy song that nicely showcased Jericho’s less-aggressive vocal stylings. Guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey took turns shredding the faces off of everyone in the front row while Frank Fontsere thundered through the band’s take-no-prisoners set, but it was southpaw bassist Paul DiLeo that caught my eye with his unique method of playing his instrument both upside-down and backwards with speed, skill and precision.

Billy Grey of Fozzy, House of Blues Houston, September 28, 2013 (photo by Danae Saree)

Fozzy wrapped up their set leaving the crowd roaring and well-prepped for British heavy metal legends Saxon, including one young fan who looked to be about 15 years old, who had been headbanging ferociously during every song.

Chris Jericho has solidified himself as both a showman and a writer, contributing all the lyrics to “Sin And Bones” (which is probably the band’s best record to date), and if there was any question as to their place amongst their metal peers, Fozzy has definitely answered back.


Billy Grey (photo by Danae Saree)

FOZZY (L to R) Paul DiLeo, Rich Ward, Chris Jericho, Billy Grey, Frank Fontsere (Fozzy stock image)

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