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Pristine, look for her hit album on iTunes, "Its About Me & U"

Pristine is an up and coming singer and actress originally from Seattle, finished high school in the San Diego area and now makes her home in L.A. In a recent Rocket Sports & Entertainment exclusive interview, Pristine said, “I loved switching from a Seattle school to sunny Southern California and being able to pop up to L.A. for auditions.” I asked Pristine how her career got started.

She said, “After I graduated High School, I moved to L.A. and I got into acting classes, got head shots, and went on every audition I could. I just tried to get out there and be seen and heard. I sang for people every chance I could. I was working on a TV show and in between takes, people would ask me to sing for them because they heard I was a singer. A woman on set heard me, and her husband was a producer who just so happened to be looking for a female recording artist. From then on I recorded my debut album with him and spent the next two years promoting it.” Pristine’s album, “It’s About Me & U” is available on iTunes. Pristine is presently working with a couple of producers, moving in the direction of her second album. Her acting career is also moving in a positive direction, with her most recent role in a music video. Pristine commented, “In Jason DeRulo’s music video, which was shot like a mini movie, I got to incorporate some acting skills and it is great exposure for me”.

Pristine is a big football fan – growing up a Seattle Seahawks and Washington Huskies fan. When you grow up a Seahawks fan, there is one team you despise… yes, even with the conference switch to the NFC, Seahawks fans would still like to see the Oakland Raiders fall off the face of the earth. After all, the Seahawks most played lowlight is the 1987 Monday Night game where Bo Jackson runs over Brian Bosworth on Bo’s way to the End Zone. Back in 2003, those Raiders rolled into San Diego to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. Like many of the San Diego natives, (who consider the Raiders as a satanic symbol) including Pristine, who had the double displeasure of the silver and black, jumped on the pewter pirate vessel and passionately rooted for the Buccaneers to crush the Raiders! And that is exactly what the Jon Gruden lead Buccaneers did! The Raiders went back to the East Bay with their swords between their legs, after a 48-21 whipping that was not even as close as the score indicated.

As I walked to train at Qualcomm after the game, there was a group of young guys in their teens chanting, “Thank you Bucs, the Raiders Suck!” That day a whole new breed of west coast Buccaneers fans were born, and we are pleased to have Pristine.

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Pristine (second from left), roots for her hometown Seahawks in Seattle

Pristine’s Favorite Bucs player on that Championship team? Fellow alum of Torrey Pines High School in the beautiful Del Mar area of San Diego, John Lynch, of course! I asked Pristine if she has met John and she said no, but would love to. Maybe someday Rocket Sports & Entertainment will throw a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl reunion party. Are you in, Coach Gruden?

Now Pristine has stuck with following the Bucs since then, and well, think about how cool that is, since the Bucs have not given any of us much to cheer about since 2003. Yes, Pristine. That was the last post-season win for our favorite band of pillaging pirates. She reminded me about the Seahawks’ Super Bowl appearance since then, and she wishes to see the Bucs back on top. And yes, our misaligned Buccaneers did go into Qwest Field last December to dominate the birds of Seattle 24-7. Merry Christmas! “Who were you routing for, Pristine?” I inquired. I got a typical L.A., “No Comment”. Well truthfully I confessed to Pristine, on the day before that game, live on ESPN 1040 with Paul Porter and The Home Team; I picked Seattle 31-3. That is why I decided to leave the football predictions from now on to my experts. We can have fun this year because the Seahawks visit Raymond James Stadium – wait, is it still named that? Well, the Seahawks will be in Tampa December 26, 2010. Could it be a game with playoff implications? Will it be a flex Sunday Night game? We will find out at a later date about that. Ok. I will throw this prediction out there: our beloved band of Pewter Pirates will be better this year. I think the offensive line is as strong as it’s been in years, and I love the defensive draft picks. Plus, we are happy to have Pristine. We need all the help we can get… even if it is from the “Left Coast”.[jwplayer mediaid=”8″]

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