Happy Veterans Day to a Couple of Special Vets

By on November 11, 2018

On behalf of the whole Rocket Sports & Entertainment Network organization, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Eddie Michels and Anthony Styer and wish them along with all Veterans and Active Duty USA military a Happy Veterans Day.  THANK YOU for what You do so I can write and say what I want!

I met Eddie back in 2010 via my friend and hockey team-mate Anthony Styer.  From the first day I met Anthony he has always been supporting of Rocket Sports & Entertainment Network.   Whenever we needed support Anthony was there with encouraging words, even contributing to journalism content.   Within a couple weeks, as we were just putting together the website and magazine Anthony said, “You need to get in touch with my friend Eddie.”



The first time I met Eddie was over the phone he has been there for me.  Not only has Eddie contributed written and photo journalism content for Rocket Sports & Entertainment Network, he became a mentor since day one. Eddie always extended his hand out to me teaching me the trades of the business and stressing the importance of journalism ethics.  You know my saying, “honesty in journalism.”

I appreciate Eddie and Anthony friendship and their service in the United States military.

Help me in giving appreciation to these guys and all Veterans!

2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom – Anthony Styer (far left) and his Marines on an aircraft shelter at Al Kut Airfield in Iraq. The hole was created by a laser guided bomb during Desert Storm. (photo courtesy of Anthony Styer)



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