I Ott to be a GM Eastern Conference – Southeast Division

By on March 14, 2012

Washington Wizards:

My Thoughts

With one of the worst teams in NBA and players not wanting to be there and just a history bad luck it’s time to fix it, or in a year or two.

How I make it work:

– This team is young and has no respect for their Coach, or at least not for their coach’s style towards the game. That’s an easy fix, find a coach that understands how to harness the youthful energy and teach them how to become a fluid team. Who can do that? A college coach, a coach that understands and can talk to a younger group, the coach and team can mature and grow together and really nail down a system.

-Tom Izzo and Billy Donovan would be called 1st and 2nd.

– Let it ride for another year, another high lottery pick and you never know what will happen.

– Amnesty Rashard Lewis

Future Outlook:

Tons of young talent has to equal something in the future.

Orlando Magic:

My Thoughts

Dwight Howard wants to stay, I just think he wants to pick the guys around him, so let him have a hand in it. . First off Van Gundy is Bye Bye. I was never a fan of the Ron Jeremy Look a Like, and I think a guy that truly understand coaching talented big men is key.

How I make it work:

– I fire Van Gundy and hire Mike Budenholzer from the Spurs.

– I trade Nelson, Glen Davis and the 2012 unprotected draft pick to the Suns for Nash and Grant Hill.

– I trade Ryan Anderson and Turkaglu to the Hawks for Josh Smith.

Future Outlook:

Howard and Smith in the paint will be hard to stop, and Nash and Hill hitting the jumpers and dishing to big men will make D12 happy.

Atlanta Hawks:

My Thoughts:

This is the oldest team in the NBA and I want to build a team to win for the next 5-10 years not 1-2 years.

How I make it work:

-I trade Joe Johnson to the Timberwolves for Beasley, Darco and their 2013 unprotected pick.

– I trade Josh Smith to the Kings for Evans and J.J. Hickson.

Future Outlook:

I have a young, very athletic team and future draft picks…I’m happy, and so will the fans and the owners.

Miami Heat:

My Thoughts

As you may know I’m not a big fan of Lebron James, so he is going to actually help be build a team to win now, and in the future. Not just regular season wins, Championship Wins.

How I make it work:

– I trade Mario Chalmers to the Hornets for Trevor Ariza.

-I trade Lebron James in 3 team trade between the Heat, the Nets and Bobcats. Lebron to the Bobcats; the Bobcats will send Maggette, Kemba Walker and Tyrus Thomas to the Nets. The Bobcats will also send their 2013, 2014 and 2015 unprotected draft picks to the Heat. The Nets will send Deron Williams to the Heat.

– I’ve sent Lebron the Bobcats for many reasons, but making him play for Jordan will put the most pressure he has ever experienced and I don’t think he will rise, I will years of very high lottery picks, and I pick up the one of the best passing and shooting PG’s in the NBA.

Future Outlook:

The Miami Heat will win a lot of Rings over the next 10 years. And even if they only win one, it will still be more than what Lebron will have.

Charlotte Bobcats:

My Thoughts:

Truth be told… this team is helpless, I even have my limits. Hey Jordan, you were a great player but you are a HORRIBLE owner and judge of talent. You need to sell the team and stop trying. Just go golf and gamble and make T-shirt commercials.

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