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By on March 6, 2012

Sacramento Kings president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie addresses the media during a press conference after naming Keith Smart (not pictured) head coach before the game against the Milwaukee Bucks at Power Balance Pavilion (photo by USPresswire /Kyle Terada)

I think being a great General Manager for a pro sports team would be the greatest job in the world, the power to shift the opinion of a team by winning championships is the driving force. How this goal is accomplished takes talent, intelligence and most importantly you must understand how to match the best players with the system and the personalities of the organization.

I’ve met every type of person you can imagine. I’ve walked in the footsteps of giants, I’ve lain with the dirt of the earth and I can say there is not a type of person I’ve not met. I’ve met murderers, felons, pimps, hookers, generals, politicians, judges, lawyers, athletes and entertainers. I’ve met the good the bad the ugly, I’ve met those driven to succeed and those driven to fail. I know people, I understand chemistry between people and I truly believe with that anything is possible.

This is the first part of a series I’m going to title “I Ott to be a GM”, got the title idea from my friend Anthony, so thank you Ant. I’m going to break down every team in the NBA and NFL and explain how I would manage each team to put it in title contention. I’m not going to make outlandish scenarios that are just impossible to happen.

Since we are in the depths of the NBA season and the trade deadline is right around the corner it would behoove me to share the NBA side 1st, I’ll break it down by division starting with the Pacific Division.

Western Conference: Pacific Division

Los Angeles Lakers:

My Thoughts:

Defense if the strong point for head coach Mike Brown and as the season continues I’m seeing his brilliance shine on the defensive end of the court. Kobe leads the way on offense, followed by Gasol and Bynum and after that there is a major drop off. Kobe needs some outside perimeter shooting help as I’ve stated before I think Michael Beasley would be a perfect fit. He has been given a bad reputation for being lazy, unstable and a loose cannon, but if you watch him play you will see a 6’10” left handed outside shooter that is more misunderstood than appreciated. I look at Beasley and I see a 23 year old Ron Artest / Lamar Odom hybrid. He can play the 3 or the 4, he is tall and lanky withan odd shooting style, he cuts quickly to the basket and he constantly communicates with his players on the court. He averages about 20 points a game and that alone is worth a 1st round pick. At 23 he is young enough to take on the attitude of the team he plays on. Playing for the Lakers, playing with Kobe and seeing how driven and hardworking he is, and being coached on his shooting by Chuck Person would transform him into a major threat for the next 8 years.

Ramon Sessions is the other player I would go out and get, maybe you haven’t heard much about him, but this is another guy that would fit the mold for a team. He would be a true role player that can impact a team instantly. The Point Guard position is the by far the weakest on the team. Sessions puts up good numbers but has limited playing time due to the rookie star Kyrie Irving. Sessions would start right away and help on both sides of the court.

How I make it work:

-Beasley would be acquired for the trade exception, the 1st round pick from the Mavs, and a 2nd round pick in 2014.

-Sessions would be acquired, along with the Cavs 2nd round pick for Matt Barnes and Josh McRoberts.

Future Outlook:

With the addition of another shooter who will require a double team and a young Point Guard to distribute the ball, this move does the most important thing for the Lakers, it extends Kobe Bryant’s career even longer. It adds youth to an aging team and keeps Bynum and Gasol on the team.  In the offseason I would Amnesty or aggressively try to trade Luke Walton. With a 1st round pick in a very deep draft the Lakers could land a very good young Power Forward like Patrick Young or another young Point Guard like Marquis Teague. The younger and more athletic the Lakers get the better chance they have to extend Kobe’s career, keep up with teams like the Thunder and the Clippers when comes to floor speed, and bring in more championship banners to the Staples Center.

Phoenix Suns:

My Thoughts:

Thankfully Steve Nash is still putting up big numbers, and although he is a true professional I would trade him and start the rebuilding process now. I would center my team around Center Marcin Gortat, and I would give Shannon Brown a chance to be the starter for an extended amount of time. I think he has the ability to continue to grow as a shooter.  Nash and Grant Hill are aging and although they still have big play ability it’s time for a change in the stagnant land of the Suns.  Phoenix has a ton of options as far as trades go and could make some incredible packages or send guys throughout the league and add draft picks and youth.

How I make it work:

-I trade Steve Nash, Channing Frye and an unprotected 1st round pick to Boston for Rajon Rondo and Jermain O’neal.

– I trade Jared Dudley and Hakim Warrick and a 2013 draft pick to the Trail Blazers for Gerald Wallace

Future Outlook:

On the court you may have one of the fastest teams in the NBA with a dominant Center and an elite Point Guard. Rondo will be able to set up Brown and Wallace for some amazing dunks as well  be the floor general, Morris can slowly grow into a top notch Power Forward without having tons of pressure on him, and Alvin Gentry will be around for a long time with this lineup.

Los Angeles Clippers:

My Thoughts:

The Clippers have so much young athletic talent it’s scary. Blake, CP3, and Jordan are the 3 guys that the team centers around. With that being said I would want to add a veteran type leader that would complement CP3 and Blake. With Chauncey Billups out for the season and likely done in L.A. they need a guy that can create his own shot, drive to the basket and play solid defense. The top guy I would go after would be Andre Igoudala. I think he is would make the Clippers a force, he would play perfect next to the beastly Blake Griffin and help CP3 as that veteran voice. The Clippers have Mo Williams, Ryan Gomes and Randy Foye that are pretty decent role players and in many instances that’s a good fit for teams, but I don’t like the dynamics of the Clippers with so many guards, Igoudala could play the 2 or the 3 and create some problems for opposing defenses. He is a classy guy that has never had any off the court issues and is the leader of the 76ers, but with the right trade package it would be hard for Philly not to trade him.

How I make it work:

– I trade Caron Butler, Randy Foye, Ryan Gomes and a 2013 1st round draft pick top 5 protected to Philadelphia for Andre Igoudala.

– I trade Mo Williams to the Orlando Magic for J.J. Redick and a 2012 draft pick top 20 protected.

Future Outlook:

Adding the Igoudala is the key, it provides much needed scoring, and defense. More importantly it adds a veteran leader to help CP3 run the floor. Trading Mo Williams works in a few different ways, I add a draft pick and I send a guy, in Mo Williams to a team that may be making a trade with my cross town rival, the Lakers. I want to do just about everything I can to prevent Dwight Howard from entertaining the thought of playing for the Lakers. Mo Williams would give Howard a high energy, strong shooting, go to guy he so desperately needs.

Sacramento Kings

My thoughts:

The Kings have a new deal for an arena, a new coach and owners that desperately want to win. A big splash is needed soon to sell those tickets. Tyreke Evans has been the leading scorer on a team that has had some serious issues with personnel and coaching. As a GM I would be forced to make some serious moves, but this team has a ton of upside. I think Smart is a good coach and would be willing to give him a full offseason and full season to see what happens. So he stays, as far as players go, just about everybody is expendable. This team is young and will end up with a high lottery pick so I would consider this season a wash and start preparing for the draft and the new arena. Not necessarily a fire sale but a series of moves to add the best chances of grabbing as much young talent as possible.

How I make it work:

-I would send Tyreke Evans and Jason Thompson to the New Orleans Hornets for Trevor Ariza and the unprotected pick from the Timberwolves.

Future Outlook:

The Changes take place come draft when the Kings will hold 2 of the highest draft picks in the draft and could pull off a draft much like the Cavs did with Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson. No Better way to get a buzz going about your team than having the chance to draft both Anthony Davis and Harrison Barnes to team up with Thomas, Thornton and Cousins this team would be electric and could proudly wear the name KINGS on their chest.

Golden State Warriors:

My Thoughts:

Another young team with a lot of talent, but the majority of the talent comes from the guards, to many to go around in fact. There is a lot of negativity and lackluster playing in other spots so I’d keep a few core guys but again this team will be gutted like others. Sometimes you need to drop it all and start over. Luckily the team has a hungry coach that wants a group of guys that act proper off the court and give it their all on the court. To me the future star of the team is Klay Thompson, so I will build around him; Curry has injury issues but great character so he stays as well.

How I make it work:

-Montay Ellis and Ekpe Udoh will be traded to the Indiana Pacers for Roy Hibbert, Tyler Hansbough and George Hill.

– Andris Biedrins will be traded to the Milwaukee Bucks for Stephen Jackson

_ Dorrell Wight will be traded to the Orlando Magic for an unprotected 2012 draft pick.

Future Outlook:

If Curry can stay healthy the Warriors will grow into a huge threat. Klay Thompson can shoot the ball from about anywhere on the court and the kid is cold blooded too. Bringing in Hibbert just adds class and hard work to team that will pride itself on its work ethic. Adding a draft pick for Dorrell Wright will help the Warriors immediately, and down the road. It can be used as a bargaining chip or just draft for the need.

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