I Told You So, You’d Like Moore

By on October 28, 2010

“RESONATE”.  According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary one definition is “to relate harmoniously”.

That is exactly what Dominic Moore is doing with our favorite band of blue and black clad hockey heroes.  Back on July 31st when I wrote; “Moore or Less, I Think You’ll Like Moore“, I made the comment that he needs to find a home.

It is not often you find a professional athlete use the word resonate to describe how he feels about himself being part of his team.  But when I had the pleasure of speaking with Dominic back on the morning of October 21st, I asked how the beginning of this season is different than it has been in the past with other clubs.  Dominic replied, “Well you know, the coaching staff here has been really impressive.  They have some refreshing ideas and a lot of things they’re installing here are things and mentalities that I have engrained in me all along.  So they seem to resonate well with me.”  Nice sound byte!   I guess even with 128 games played, 64 goals, 83 assists, 147 points and 135 minutes in four years at Harvard they still make you go to class.

Nonetheless, Tampa Bay Lightning’s Dominic Moore seems to resonate well with his new team.  Off to a quick start scoring four goals while getting it done on that special piece of hockey real estate, in front of the opponent’s net. After all, as I mentioned in the “Moore or Less, I Think You’ll Like Moore”, the alarming stat of seven different NHL sweaters in six years, Dominic is due to resonate somewhere.  Why not be in our city, here by the bay.

Salary cap casualty?   Not buying it, seven times?  No, I believe that someone has not found the right fit for Moore.   That is exactly the way I see this new Lightning direction we are headed.  The right players in the right place, it’s a team sport.   There is a home for those players that find themselves in salary cap limbo, they are an important ingredient to championship teams. 

This is Rick Sassone, Rocket Sports & Entertainment… I will see you with a man advantage!

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