Jim Brown needs to ZIP IT!!!

By on June 2, 2012

In September 2008 Jim Brown watches in Cleveland as the Browns take on division rival Pittsburgh (photo: US Presswire / Jason Miller)

I am about to break an unwritten law with Cleveland Browns sports fans. I’m going to bash a guy that you just don’t talk bad about, at least in public. Yes that’s right I’m going to tell Jim Brown to SHUT UP. Jim you run your mouth about the current organization and players as if your opinions matters, they don’t. You are just another example of an ex player that doesn’t want to give up the past, and your past is waaaayyyyy in the past. As a staple of the history of this team you should stand behind the Browns and support and assist the players in any way you can, or you can just zip your mouth, you mumble so bad these days it’s really quit hard to understand what you are even saying. Jim Brown is not a fan of Trent Richardson, he says he is just an ordinary running back, and while some might agree with Jim, I say he is much better than ordinary.

I think Trent Richardson could break and hold every single rushing record for the Cleveland Browns by the end of his career, I think Trent Richardson is about as ordinary as . I think Jim Brown is worried that Trent will make folks forget about him and I think Trent Richardson will be better than any of you think.

This will be another case of “I told you so” like so many in the past that I’ve told you so. I told you that Lebron James would never bring a title to Cleveland; I told you that Lebron James would break your hearts when he left Cleveland, I told you that Hillis was a 1 year wonder and I’ve told you that the Browns would pass on Justin Blackmon. Guys I’m not right all the time, just most of the time. I’m right about Trent, and while I’m on the topic of the Browns. Brandon Weeden is one hell of Quarterback, he is the 1st QB the Browns have had since they returned that I actually feel confident in. I’m not saying he is going to be a Manning or a Brady, but he will be the Franchise Quarterback the team has so badly needed.

The Browns had a plan when Holmgren and Heckert took over and they are maintaining that plan, I still stay its one draft away from being a true contender in the AFC. They have a talented, young and athletic defense, a very good offensive line that just got even better after this past draft. They picked up 2 franchise players in one draft and they still have the best damn fans in all of football, so I say things are looking bright. But it seems like Jim Brown wants to bash the team for every move they make. It would be better if he would just fade away into the sunset and keep his opinions to himself, or at least have some merit to what he is talking about.

Trent Richardson (photo courtesy of University of Alabama athletics)

So be mad if you want, but I look at it like this, if you are the most famous player in a team’s history you either support the team publicly or say nothing at all. Jim Brown is almost 80; there is no reason to ask him what he thinks about a player or the direction of a team anymore. The game has changed and we can play the “In his Prime compared to today’s guys what would Jim Brown do” if you like and I’ll show you that Jim Brown would have been an ordinary player today. He was a freak for his time, a very gifted athlete and very powerful back, but playing against the speed and strength of today’s defensive players would negate a lot of that power. He would still be a starter and rack up yards and touchdowns, but there is no way he would have been the dominating force now as he was then. Jim Brown had 57 fumbles in 9 seasons and was playing guys that were half as strong as him, put him in his prime against the guys of today and you can increase that number by at least  another 5 fumbles a year. I’m not saying he isn’t great, I’m just saying when he talks it isn’t good for the Browns players of today to see a hero bashing them, it’s not good for the fans because they tend to ride what he says a little too much and it’s not good for me because I really think he is just a grumpy old man. As a player I will give him tons of respect but as a voice of the Browns I don’t respect anything he has to say, I’d rather a drunk Bernie Kosar be the voice than a sour Jim Brown.

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