Justin Moore takes Estero down his Highway to Hell

By on March 8, 2018

The Highway to Hell Tour burned through Germain Arena on Thursday featuring
multi-platinum country artist Justin Moore and Dylan Scott. You might of thought that this tour included an AC/DC cover band or two but you would be mistaken.

Dylan Scott ramped up the crowd in Estero, FL.  by playing his own #1 country radio hit in “My Girl. Scott has a great backup baritone vocalist and a three-piece, rock-oriented act behind him that powered a lot of
mid-tempo, half-time grooves.

He kept the crowd going throughout the rest of his set that included “Lay it on Me” “Anniversary” and “Beer Buddies. With an over the top reaction from the crowd after he concluded the set, it seems that it won’t be long until Dylan Scott is headlining a tour of his own.


Big time country acts typically stick to their setlists. But Justin Moore kept hearing the name of a particular song during his Thursday
night show at Germain Arena. Moore decided to take a chance on it
during his encore.

“We’ve never played this as a band, ever,” he told the audience. “I’ve
only played it by myself, acoustically. But somebody, or somebodies,
keeps yelling for us to play this song. It’s probably my favorite one
I’ve ever written.”

Many in the crowd yelled in recognition as he and his band went into
the title track of his 2011 disc, “Outlaws Like Me.” It was a slow and
dramatic country number of the devil-on-one-shoulder,
angel-on-the-other variety. The quintet behind him nailed it, and he
reached hard for the high notes at the end.

It was one of a few surprises that Moore had for his crowd. Getting
into the second half of his set, he told the audience about plans for
his next record to be like something out of the 1992 country music
world. To illustrate, he played “Run Out of Honky Tonks,” an “Outlaws
Like Me” number about escaping memories by drinking hard in unfamiliar

That one and another “Outlaws …” number, “Bed of My Chevy,” were not
released as singles. Moore wondered out loud whether he should
re-record “Bed of My Chevy” for the next album, and make it a single.
Many in the crowd knew it well enough to sing along.

“Outlaws Like Me” is his favorite among the four albums he has
recorded, he told the crowd. He featured “Bait A Hook,” “If Heaven
Wasn’t So Far Away” and “Flyin’ Down A Back Road” from that disc,
which he thanked the crowd for helping make a platinum-seller. Missing
was that record’s NRA-friendly “Guns,” which has been a staple of his

“Kinda Don’t Care” sales haven’t come close to “Outlaws …” since its
2016 release, but in a sign of the streaming times, it contains its
share of chart-topping singles. Moore got to “You Look Like I Need A
Drink,” the pop-leaning “Somebody Else Will” and his latest single —
the more countrified title track co-written by the Roanoke Valley’s
own Ross Copperman — before the set was halfway through, and didn’t
visit it again the rest of the night.

He paid homage to his friend Troy Gentry, killed in a helicopter crash
just before a Montgomery Gentry concert in September, with “Hillbilly
Shoes,” and added his collaboration with Brantley Gilbert and Thomas
Rhett, “Small Town Throwdown,” along with “Small Town U.S.A.” and
signature early career number “Kick Your Ass” as the set closed.

Moore added that “Kick Your Ass” is his grandmother’s favorite song,
though she wished he wouldn’t tell people that fact.


The crowd in Estero left Germain Arena satisfied and exhausted from singing and participating during both acts on this Highway to Hell Tour. Justin Moore and Dylan Scott bring a dual threat solid bill featuring an uptempo rocking style but still fittings into the old school country mold.

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