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  1. Alabama 2-0 LW 2 – Dominated Penn State all day. Trent Richardson is the real deal, and oh ya, some guy named Mark Ingram is coming back.
  2. Ohio State 2-0 LW 3 – Will somebody please inform the people in C-bus that special teams accounts for a third of the game. Even with poor special teams play they destroyed a good Miami team.
  3. Oregon 2-0 LW 4 – 547 more yards for Kenjon Barner and the Ducks in a route of Tennessee.
  4. Nebraska 2-0 LW 6– Much like Iowa I think the Huskers are in for big things, nothing wrong with solid wins but other teams look more impressive.
  5. Texas 2-0 LW 8– Another ho hum workman like game over an inferior team. Like I said, nothing wrong with solid wins.
  6. Iowa 2-0 LW 5 – I hate dropping a team when they win and I know Iowa State is a rivalry game but the Hawkeyes need to fire their schedule maker. They travel to Arizona next, which won’t tell us much either.
  7. Florida 2-0 LW 7 – Was that the real Florida that showed up in the third quarter? If they play like that once conference play rolls around they will be in trouble.
  8. Oklahoma 2-0  LW 19- Okay, so I was wrong and Oklahoma is really good. If Landry Jones can keep it up the Sooner Schooner will be rolling.
  9. TCU2-0 LW 10– I’m warming up on the Frogs, seven rushing TDs will do that for a team. Looked impressive even if it was against Tennessee Tech.
  10. Boise State 1-0 LW 1- OUCH! That signature victory over Virginia Tech isn’t so impressive anymore and Techs loss to James Madison really hurts the Broncos.
  11. Wisconsin 2-0 LW 11– Run, run run the ball up and down the field… John Clay had a typical Badger day with 137 yards and two scores.
  12. Arkansas 2-0 LW 14– A 400 yard day for Ryan Mallett. The Hog offense is for real.
  13. Auburn 2-0 LW 15- Not impressive but a win is a win. Cam Newton came back to earth with only 136 passing yards but he did add 70 on the ground.
  14. Miami 1-1 LW 9– Miami still has a long way to go. If not for special teams play they would have been blown out in the shoe.
  15. Penn State 1-1 LW 16 – Still a good team but there youth showed against Bama. They are not elite… yet.
  16. Michigan 2-0 LW NR– where is the Denard Robinson Heisman bandwagon? The kid is a stud and is single handedly saving Rich Rods job. I’m not saying the Wolverines are back, but they are better.
  17. South Carolina 2-0 LW NR – Marcus Lattimore buried the Bulldog D. 37 carries for 182 yards and two scores. With the ol ball coach roaming the sidelines this team could be a handful.
  18. Stanford 2-0 LW 20 – Are they that good or is UCLA just that bad? Stanford dominated so toughly it didn’t even feel like a game.
  19. LSU 2-0 LW 22 – The running game looked strong and the defense held together, then again they were playing Vandy.
  20. Utah 2-0 LW NR – Had their way with UNLV in a Saturday afternoon scrimmage. I’m not sold on the Utes.
  21. USC 2-0 LW 23– A 17 -14 win over a horrible Virginia team, at home no less, does not instill confidence.
  22. Texas Tech 2-0 LW 24– They looked much more comfortable and didn’t commit nearly as many mistakes in looking more like the team I predict them to be.
  23. Houston 2-0 LW NR – Bryce Beall carried the load and Houston just keeps clicking.
  24. Georgia 1-1 LW 18 – Every team has bad games, it’s just easier to predict when the Dawgs will do it. They need AJ Green back and the sooner the better.
  25. A Big East team LW 21– I know WVU won, but Marshall had them for 59 minutes. No one else in the conference is any good. They still get an automatic bid so they get spot 25.
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