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Kory’s 2010 Fantasy Football Busts

Here are some of the players, that due to various reasons, are likely to be drafted way higher than what they should be–if they are even drafted at all. Some of them are repeat offenders who will be chosen because they have name value (yes LaDanian, I’m talking to you!) and some will come as a surprise.

 Jay Cutler QB, Bears– Okay, so this may not be fair because he really wasn’t any good anyway.  His 2008 was above average, but what has he done lately? His 6.6 YPA last year was abysmal; the only thing worse was his 26 interceptions. Don’t let 27 TDs fool you. The Bears still don’t have anyone to throw to and, unless you are in a league that doesn’t count interceptions, stay away from him.  Do not let Mike Martz’s role as the new offensive coordinator fool you. This is not Warner, Faulk, nor Holt. Moreover, avoid Greg Olsen, too. He will be affected by Martz’s aversion to TEs.

Chris Johnson RB, Titans– All you have to do is look at history. No one has ever followed a 2000-yard season with over 1500 yards. He had over 400 touches last year. That’s more touches than Turner had two years ago and he busted. I’m not saying don’t draft him; he still goes in the top of the first round, but don’t expect anywhere near what he produced last year. Also, consider his contractual uncertainties that could go on well into training camp.

Thomas Jones RB, Chiefs– Where to start? He is no longer the man behind the Jets powerful line. He’s a backup behind emerging stud Jamaal Charles in KC. He’ll be 32 at the start of the season. Be prepared to be disappointed.

Steve Smith WR, Panthers – He just made this list with his second broken arm. He’s 31, has a new starting QB, and is in a run first offense. Throw in that he is going to miss all of training camp and he has bust written all over him.

Larry Fitzgerald WR, Cardinals– Okay, so everybody and their brother have him busting. Kurt Warner, you destroyed his value!  Thanks. Thanks a lot. Chris Wells is now the pick on this team. Leinart has done nothing to prove he can handle the job, and with Bolden in B’more, there will be more double coverage. Add it all up and he doesn’t live up to his average draft position (ADP).

Santonio Holmes WR, Jets– Even without the four-game suspension-that’s a quarter of the season to put it in perspective–I would be worried about him. Going from Pittsburgh’s 9th ranked passing offense to the Jets 31st ranked passing game isn’t going to help either.

TE Bust. It’s tough to pick a TE bust, especially because I already mentioned Olsen. I would have to say Tony Gonzalez because when the run on TE happens, someone will panic and take him before he should be picked. He’s 34; he has to slow down at some point, right? Additionally, he only had eight receptions over the final three games last year. So he did nothing for his owner in the playoffs.

Others toAvoid Like a Drunk Surgeon.  Here are some other name guys to stay away from, either because of injuries, age, or change of scenery (you should let them stink up someone else’s roster):  Ladanian Tomlinson-it was a great career; Ben Roethlisberger- six game suspension, too many distractions; Jeremy Maclin- no way he repeats those numbers with a new QB; Any Redskins RB–Portis can’t stay healthy and the rest is just a mess; Cedric Benson (yes, I rode him all season last year and this is a gut feeling,)-he falls off the face of the fantasy map this year; There are a slew of 32 plus year old WRs who are entering bad situations. Whether it is a new QB, Fitzgerald,  they are no longer the first option or they are just losing a step; When it comes to finding who will probably bust it’s important to look at age. Early 30s means bad. OchoCinco, Houshm

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