Lakers fans need to thank Mark Cuban

By on July 6, 2012

On March 8, 2012 Nash and the Suns punked Dirk, Cuban and the Mavs 96-94. Nash posted a double-double, 11 points and 11 assists against the defending champs the Mavericks (US PRESSWIRE/Jennifer Stewart)

After the trade was blocked the broken hearted Lamar Odom just couldn’t seem to play for the Lakers team that tried trade him in the deal, so the Lakers GM, Mitch Kupchak did what Odom asked, he traded him. He traded him to the team owned by Cuban, the Mavs, and from there it was all down hill. Odom played horrible and was eventually shunned from the team, but the Lakers had an $8.9 million trade exception they could use and oh man did they use it right.

The Lakers used 4 draft picks and the trade exception to land the same player that the Raptors, Knicks and the Mavs so badly wanted, Steve Nash! So looking back, I wonder if Cuban realizes his childish tantrum lead to the Lakers adding the one missing piece to make a title run. I wonder if Cuban grasps what he did, he sent one of the most unselfish players in the league to run the Point and play in the same backcourt as Kobe Bryant. Cuban has not been able to land any players for the Mavs in Free Agency or via trade but he needs credit for this one. So THANKS MARK!!

Now it looks like Cuban and the Mavs have also lost out on Jason Kidd and they are now left to chase Ramon Sessions, another ex Laker, I hope that works out as well as Odom did for him. So far this off season Cuban tried to obtain Deron Williams, no deal, Steve Nash, no deal, Jason Kidd, no deal. It appears to me that nobody wants to play for Cuban, but why would they? After the Mavs won the Championships, Cuban did nothing to keep his team together;  Tyson Chandler, JJ Barea, DeShawn Stevenson, Caron Butler and now Jason Kidd and Jason Terry have either left or were able to join another team.

I can’t remember a championship team losing so many players so fast. I also can’t imagine any players feeling as if Cuban has their best interest in mind. If you have a Championship caliber team you keep it together, look at the Lakers and the Celtics for examples.

Nash wants and deserves a championship, his hard work and never say die attitude will make a truly dynamic duo pairing him up with Kobe. It’s almost unreal to think about the possibilities with Nash leading the offense. The Pick and Roll with Pau Gasol will be nearly unstoppable, driving in and kicking it out to Kobe for a 3 pointer, a no look pass to Dwight…wait am I getting ahead of myself? Yes I think it would be an overall better scenario to have Dwight Howard than Andrew Bynum, but in the meantime let me retract and go with what we know as of today. Either way you cut it Nash improves the Lakers on offense, not so much on defense but normally if you score more than the other team you tend to win the game.

Nash brings in a stat no other Laker Point Guard has held since Magic Johnson, Assists Per Game. Over his career Nash averages 8.6 APG, and last year without a true premier shooter Steve Nash average 10.7 APG, can you imagine what that number will look like with the BLACK MAMBA on the court? You can kiss the double teams on Kobe good bye, you can actually count most double teams good bye. Nash demands you play on him, so if you double up on Kobe you take the risk of leaving one of the bigs open. That would be a dream come true for Nash, he can find any player at any time in his sleep.

Kobe can sit back and let Nash dig in and pass it back; Kobe doesn’t need to spend the effort and energy to get open and create his own shot for the next few years, thus prolonging his career even longer. Gasol, Nash and Bryant make a devastating offensive triple threat, add in another 7 foot tall target in Bynum (or a 6’10” brick wall in Howard) and you really have a group of talent only seen at All Star Weekend, but you get to see it in Purple and Gold on a regular basis.

Thank you Mark Cuban and Dan Snyder for crying to your daddy about the Chris Paul trade, Thank you Mark Cuban for taking Odom and giving the Lakers a great bargaining chips with an $8.9  million trade exception and lastly thank you Mark Cuban for not having a world class organization like the Lakers.

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