Lebron Returns To Cleveland As A Champion, Leader

By on October 21, 2014



Lebron shoots a fade-away over Greg Smith of the Dallas Mavericks (photo David Richard / USA TODAY Sports)

Lebron shoots a fade-away over Greg Smith of the Dallas Mavericks (photo David Richard / USA TODAY Sports)

It was certainly a busy summer for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as superstar Lebron James returned to his hometown team to try and help turn around the franchise in the next few years. The ripple effect of him signing as a free agent encouraged others such as Kevin Love, Shawn Marion, Mike Miller and Ray Allen to come along for the ride. What people will be looking for early on in the season will be how much James has changed since last playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.


In a way, James went away to college in Miami. He spent 4 years playing for the Miami Heat, and he made the NBA finals every single season. During that time, he became a champion and a leader on and off the floor. He was never able to really take that step with the Cleveland Cavaliers the 1st time through, and he is hoping that things are going to change for him in general. This team has been crafted to make it as easy as possible on him, but he will still need to play at a high level and put up huge numbers in fantasy basketball to get out of the Eastern conference and compete for title.


James will turn 30 years old this season, so time is ticking as far as his prime is concerned. That is why it was so important for him to have guys like Love and Kyrie Irving on his side to take some of the pressure off. He would like to finish his career in Cleveland, and having these guys around would allow him to not need to be forced to do as much on both ends of the floor.


The return to Cleveland was a bit unexpected to the average NBA fan, but he only seems to be focused on the future at this point in time. Cleveland is hungry for their 1st NBA title, and he would become a living legend if he was able to finally deliver for the franchise.


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