NFL: A Word to Everyone (Except the Real Referees)

By on September 27, 2012

Like JFK, Apollo, 9-11 we will all remember where we were in the final hours of September 24, 2012 where Referee Wayne Elliott (28) speaks with field judge Richard Simmons (102) before making a ruling on “THE CALL” (photo by: US PRESSWIRE/Joe Nicholson)




















Ok the lockout is over.  The real administrators (real referees) of the rules of the National Football League are back!  Everyone I’m sure, myself included, is ecstatic.  The replacement officials lacked the male genitalia to administer the game.  So much controversy could have avoided if the replacements had confidence and sold themselves as having confidence.

Now I must share a thought that I have regarding the real referees coming back:

I was brought up by a high school football official and one thing that he always said to me, “Son never blame the officials for losing the game.”  So as I went through my sporting career; Little League,  CYO Basketball, high school football, men’s softball and hockey…ok you get the point,  when my team lost I always thought what mistakes did I make or the team make that cost us the game.  Look at even an NFL TEAM, an offensive line might say ‘wow if we didn’t give up EIGHT SACKS in the first half we might have won that game’.  Sorry Coach James Campen your guys were embarrassing on national TV, my eyes hurt.

With that being shared here is a word I have for everyone, yes everyone:  I better not hear one complaint, sigh, curse, displeasure, gesture,  il malocchi or outright blaming the officials for a loss.

Now I do not know the particulars of the new deal with the NFL and the real administrators of the NFL rules but I know one clause that I would have wanted in there if I was negotiating on behalf of the real administrators… yes just for fun:

If any representative of any of the 32 teams, I mean janitors, cheerleaders, coaches, owners, GM’s, players, secretaries… publically criticize the real administrators, facebook, twitter, press conference, radio, TV, linkedin, youtube, oh whatever… a mandatory one suspension without pay!   What do you say Jack Del Rio?   I know some Jacksonville fans who think the replacement refs did better than you did coaching the Jaguars.    Harbaugh brothers, you in?  Kyle (my daddy got me this job) Shanahan?  Can you guys keep your fat mouths shut and coach your teams?  I guess we will find out.

And if fans criticize, really?  Well that is part of your job description.

So remember NFL team employees and owners, fans, when you see a bad call the rest of this year… just think to yourself, ‘that could have been made be a replacement ref and we would have a reason to bitch’.

It’s not Remember the Titans, it’s Remember the Replacements!

This is Rick Sassone and I’ll see you blaming the players and teams for losses!

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