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Ten NFL teams could be looking at hiring a new Head Coach after this season, it may be more, but I doubt it’s less.  I’m going to list the teams that I think will be letting their coaches go, telling you why they should be let go and who should be looked at to replace them. These are speculations and other than using my twisted brain I have no inside information…. Or do I?


Cleveland Browns:

Pat Shurmur should be fired, let’s not kid ourselves, he will be fired. A new owner, a new President and tons of talent tell me he is as good as gone.  He was hired by Holmgren, but I still have not found a reason as to why him over …. Let’s say …. Anybody. Really, he might be a decent QB coach, but Offensive Coordinator is even reaching for his ceiling.

So, who should the Browns look at? Well the Rumors are Saban, Chip Kelly and even a Gruden whisper here and there. Truth be told, I doubt its Saban, I actually hope it’s not, he was given the chance to run a team in Miami and not only did he fail he left them the 1st chance he had. Chip Kelly, is an offensive innovator in Oregon, but he has ZERO experience in the NFL. Gruden may sound like the guy, but again I doubt it. He will be offered a ton of gigs and I don’t think Cleveland is where he wants to be, if he does coach again I think he wants GM and Head Coaching duties.

So with those names out where does that leave us? Well I think that still leaves the Browns with a chance of landing a coach that can have the team playing top notch football. They go by route of the Old Eagles and the current Steelers. I think they hire a Coordinator with no head coaching experience but that is well respected by their players.

–          John Mitchell- Defensive Line/Assistant Head Coach – Steelers

–          Rick Dennison- Offensive Coordinator-  Texans

–          Vic Fangio- Defensive Coordinator – 49ers

–          Winston Moss – Linebacker Coach/Assistant Head Coach- Packers

–          David Shaw- Head Coach – Stanford

Philadelphia Eagles:

Andy Reid had held this job since 1999 and He is as good as gone, I think he checked out a few years ago and nobody has noticed he just doesn’t care anymore.  The Eagles are known for being loyal but this has gone on much too long, I think they look at Reid’s past years and realizes he is not the same coach he was a few years ago. I doubt they stick with anybody that is with the team right now either, I think they go out and get Coach that can handle the insanity that goes along with Philadelphia  Eagles head coach, this place is nuts for football and along with Cleveland and the Raiders has one of the most hungry fan bases for a championship. So who can turn things around, handle the fans, revamp the staff and be ready for Season?

–          Herm Edwards- Retired Head Coach

–          Sean Payton – soon to be ex-Saints head coach.

–          Steve Mariucci- retired Head Coach

–          Perry Fewell- Defensive Coordinator- Giants

–          David Shaw- Head Coach- Head Coach


Dallas Cowboys:

Jason Garrett is a joke, this guy is the reason Wade Phillips was canned and he cannot do any better himself. Garrett and his kin have taken up residency in Dallas in hopes to win a Championship, but the problem is, he is not a good coach. He wasn’t a good OC and he hasn’t proven to be any better as the Head Coach. Jerry Jones needs to find his next Jimmy Johnson, he needs to give up being the GM and either hire a coach that will do both or hire a GM and a new coach.

–          Sean Payton – Soon to be ex-Saints head Coach

–          Bill Cowher- Retired Head Coach (Also have GM duties)

–          Brian Billick- Retired head Coach

–          Nick Saban – Head Coach- Alabama

–          Chip Kelly- Head Coach- Oregon


Kansas City Chiefs:

Romeo is a nice guy, he is liked by his players and he is a hell of a Defensive Coordinator, but he is not a Head Coach, he failed in Cleveland and he is failing in K.C. as well. The Chiefs should fire him and Scott Peoli as well. I think the Patriots 2.0 trial failed, so it’s time to move on.

–          Chip Kelly – Head Coach- Oregon

–          Andy Reid- Head Coach – Philadelphia

–          Rick Dennison – Offensive Coordinator – Texans

–          Vic Fangio- Defensive Coordinator- 49ers

–          Jon Gruden- Retired Head Coach (He would also have GM Duties)


Buffalo Bills:

Chan Gailey cannot win in the NFL, so why keep thinking he can? This guy was a decent College coach, but not all College coaches can make that jump. The Bills need to fire him and look for a long term replacement.  Here is the problem, if you think Cleveland was a hard job to fill with a top tier coach The Buffalo gig will be even harder. They don’t have a player you can build around on offense, and the weather is horrible.

–          Dave Wannstedt – Defensive Coordinator- Bills

–          Mike Sherman- Offensive Coordinator – Dolphins

–          Eric Mangini- Retired Head Coach

–          Rob Ryan- Defensive Coordinator – Cowboys

–          Brian Schottenheimer- Offensive Coordinator – Rams


Detroit Lions:

Jim Schwartz has let his players get arrested, kick players on the field and pretty much do what they want. He has tons of talent on both sides of the ball and he still finds himself at the bottom of his division. His Lions are currently worse than the Vikings and that is a bad place to be. Luckily for the front office, the players and the fans it’s a team that is loaded with talent and will possible snag a decent draft pick as well. Finding a new coach will not be an issue, they just need to find the right guy.

–          Les Miles – Head Coach – LSU

–          Vic Fangio – Defensive Coordinator – 49ers

–          Rob Chudzinski – Offensive Coordinator – Panthers

–          Brian Billick- Retired Head Coach

–          Perry Fewell – Defensive Coordinator – Giants


New York Jets:

Rex needs axed, his show has played out and the ending is a bad as an M. Night Shyamalan film. He made promised he never kept, he made a trade for Tebow and has not used him once, he loves feet, and he has no chance of making it into the offseason. By this account he is done in the New York, he may land a gig elsewhere, maybe working for his brother. The Jets need an overhaul with the Roster and the coaching staff, especially at the QB spot.

–          Rick Dennison – Offensive Coordinator- Texans

–          Wade Phillips- Defensive Coordinator – Texans

–          Mike Nolan  – Defensive Coordinator – Falcons

–          Jay Gruden – Offensive Coordinator – Bengals

–          Bruce Arians- Offensive Coordinator – Colts


San Diego Chargers:

Norv Turner has somehow managed to keep his job about 4 year longer than he should have, after another failure of season he should finally get the pink slip. The Chargers have the weapons to win but they act like they forget how to win when the games matter most and because of that the Chargers will look for a change.

–          John Pagano- Defensive Coordinator- Chargers

–          Bruce Arians – Offensive Coordinator- Colts

–          David Shaw – Head Coach – Stanford

–          Andy Reid – head Coach – Eagles

–          Winston Moss – Linebacker/assistant Head Coach- Packers


Arizona Cardinals:

Ken Wisenhunt has pretty much done….nothing.. He can go back to being a coordinator somewhere but Head Coaching is not his cup of tea. The Cards have gone round and round with the Quarterbacks and all while having one of the Best Wide Receivers in the NFL.

–          Bruce Arians- Offensive Coordinator- Colts

–          David Shaw – Head Coach Stanford

–          Mike Nolan – Defensive Coordinator – Falcons

–          Eric Mangini- Retired Head Coach

–          Mark Richt – Head Coach- Georgia


New Orleans Saints:

When the Saints voided Sean Payton’s contract it pretty much sealed his fate with the team. They could actually just let Brees coach from the field but I think they move on from Bounty-Gate by hiring a coach that had nothing to do with it.


–          Les Miles – Head Coach – LSU

–          Nick Saban- Head Coach- Alabama

–          Rick Dennison- Offensive Coordinator – Texans

–          Perry Fewell – Defensive Coordinator – Giants

–           Eric Mangini- Retired Head Coach

Only time will tell who goes where and who stays and who goes but these 10 teams are stagnant and are in dire need of change. Some teams more than just a coaching change, they need a front office overhaul and possibly an owner change, but we will just enjoy the changing of the guard in the coaching ranks for now.

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