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The Lakers are in the depths of their worst start ever and things are not going to get any better any time soon. They are playing defense like they are all chugging gallons of promethazine before each game and they all stand around staring at Kobe as he pushing himself to the breaking point. Things will continue to spiral out of control for the remainder of the season, but… next season you will see a sharp change and then the season after that they will be back on top, unfortunately for Kobe it he will not see another Championship run as a player.

How can the Lakers get back on top you ask? Well I’ll be putting my GM hat on and hopefully this time the Lakers brass listens.

First off we know this season is a bust so let’s enjoy the fact that we should have a top 3 lottery pick and the Rockets 1st round pick as well.  That’s right two picks in the first round in the next draft will drastically change the teams dynamics.  For the past few years the Lakers have been the older team on the court and had trouble with the quick and the fast, well not for much longer. Not after this draft and not after this Free Agency period. No my friends things will be different.  The Lakers will be the young, energetic and athletic team that OKC and Golden State currently are.

Ok so here is the deal, first off the Lakers drop $15 million on Goran Dragic, then another $10 million of Omar Asik and $8.5 million on Draymond Green.  They now have a very athletic combo guard in Dragic that will be used primarily at the PG spot. Dragic can pretty much do it all, he can shoot, drive in, kick it out, pick and roll and pass the rock.

Asik, while he not an athletic or fast paced center he will be the defensive center piece in the paint that the Lakers currently lack. I’d rather have him on the team winning rings than his former teammate and child abuser Dwight Howard any day. Asik is not going to get you 25 points a game but he will prevent about 25 points a game on the defense and that is a stat that just doesn’t show up on the box score.

Draymond Green is a guy that just does what is needed, he can score he can play defense and post up against bigger players. Green may not be the marquee name Lakers fans want but again, like Asik, what he does that doesn’t show up in stats is where his worth is.

Next the Lakers need to bring back Ronnie Price and Wes Johnson just to have a few guys that are familiar with the system, plus Price is turning into a great locker room guy who the players seem to respond to.  As for Wes, well he never will live up to his athletic ability but I think he is high character guy that, at times can realty shine.

I would love for Ed David to return as well, I hope he returns on the player option but I have a feeling he leaves for more cash. If he stays all it does it strengthens the team on defense. He is still young and although they play him at Center I think he would be more of a force at the Power Forward, coming off the bench behind a healthy Julius Randle.

I think Jordan Hill is traded this season, not sure to which team or for what but I would love for it to be a team that gives up a 1st round pick for him. I don’t know if any GM out there will make that trade but one can always hope for the best.

Now let’s move on to the Draft, this is the biggest gamble in the NBA in my opinion but since the Lakers will have two picks in the first round I’ll run with it. I have two guys that could both end up being STARS in the NBA. I think the Lakers end up with a top 3 pick and they will select SF Stanley Johnson and with the Rockets pick they take Dakari Johnson one of the Centers from Kentucky.

Both of these two are men amongst boys, Stanley Johnson is a 18 year old Small Forward that stand 6’7’’ and weighs in at 245 pounds… Think of Ron Artest but not as crazy and a better off the ball defender and the mindset that he has to prove himself each and every day.

Dakari Johnson, well he is fun loving 7 foot, 255 pound Center that has an amazing ability to rebound and powerful dunks…not to mention he can actually hit a decent 10-12 jumper as well. I’ve seen scouts compare Johnson to Roy Hibbert, Marc Gasol and Shaq, those are three decent guys to be compared to in my opinion.

So what will the Depth Chart and the Salary be you ask? Well the estimated Salary Cap for next year is looking to be around $81 million and with the roster I’ve put together, including Ed Davis falls well below that. GO ahead Laker Nation, feel free to thank me know.

PG: Dragic-Price-Clarkson

SG: Kobe-Young

SF: Green- Wes Johnson-Stanley Johnson

PF: Randle- Davis-Kelly

C-Asik-Dakari Johnson-Sacre

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