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By on January 30, 2012

Aug 15, 2010: Colts-years ago, Peyton Manning (18) poses with team owner Jim Irsay (right) and president Bill Polian (left) after accepting the 2009 NFL MVP award before a game at Lucas Oil Stadium. (photo: US PRESSWIRE/Brian Spurlock)

Jim Irsay is in a tough spot with this whole Peyton Manning situation. Irsay needs to decide if he trades the 1st pick in the draft (NOT GONNA HAPPEN..BUT I WOULD TRADE DOWN), he could keep Manning and pay him $28 million (AGAIN, NOT GONNA HAPPEN), or he could just release him and let things play out. The latter, is the direction I think we all agree is the most likely to happen.

If Manning is healthy, and is able, many will be willing to make a spot in their organization for him. I’d love to see him in a Browns jersey, but I know better.  Peyton, along with his dad Archie and his agent Tom Condon will devise a plan that could rattle the NFL. If you didn’t know,  Archie Manning can have a tremendous influence on what his sons do. Archie refused to let Eli play for the Chargers, and I’m pretty sure he will not allow Peyton’s legacy to be anything less than perfect.

United as a group, these men will systematically break down each team until they find the perfect suitor. What are some of the areas they will look for in a team?  They need a solid offensive line, smart and strong. They can’t let Payton risk another injury because that would be the end of his career. A Running Back that can take the defenses mind off of the 6’5’’ 230 pound genius behind center will be in demand. A Wide Receiver that can stretch the field and be a huge end zone target will also be at the top of the list. Don’t forget a sure handed tight end that can block and lastly a dome or at least warm weather. Oh wait I almost left this out, a defense that can keep games close so Manning doesn’t have to do everything.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the HOUSTON TEXANS!  With Arian Foster, Andre Johnson and the trade bait of Matt Schaub they could fill about any holes the Manning clan would have concerns with. Wade Phillips will be back as Defensive Coordinator and will have that side of the field in great shape, with or without Mario Williams. They did it this season and letting him go and adding the extra money to the free agent pool could also help, especially with every one of Colts starting Wide Receivers on the open market. The possibilities are pretty much endless to an over thinker like myself.

Here is a brief or maybe not brief script of how I would handle it if I were part of the Manning inner circle, or even the Texans. All of this, of course, is based on the idea that Peyton is 100% healthy and a Free Agent.

1.   Sign Peyton to a 3 year deal loaded with performance bonuses.

2.  Sign Arian Foster to a long term deal.

3.  Texans make a trade with the Redskins for the 6th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, sending the Redskins Matt Schaub and their 2nd round pick from this year. They may have to just send Schaub and swap 1st round picks this year also. But let’s not get off course here. Either way, Schaub goes to the Redskins, and the Texans end up with the 6th pick in the 2012 draft.

4.  With the 6th Pick in the 1st round the Texans have a few options, I honestly think trading down to add more picks and depth is good in certain instances, but the Texans have a great base and this a place they could draft the Best Player Available. A Nose Tackle or Offensive Line help would not be a bad option here.

5.   If they keep their 26th pick they again go with B.P.A.

This is quick look at a possible Starting line up.


QB- Manning- If healthy one of the greatest of all time.

RB- Foster- The best Running Back Manning has played with.

FB- Casey- Tight End/Fullback hybrid, solid blocker to keep Manning safe.

WR- Johnson- BEAST, enough said.

WR- Garcon- Knows Manning well and can spread the field.

TE- Daniels- Reliable and smart, Peyton would love him.

RT- Reiff- Best Tackle in the draft, instant starter and instant protection for Manning.

LT- Brown- 6’4” 315 lbs, 2011 All-Pro team.

RG- Brisiel- 6’5” 300 lbs can play Guard or Center.

LG- Smith- weakest spot on the line, but the Texans will address this slot later in the draft or in free agency.

C- Myers- 6’5” 295 lbs 2011 Pro Bowler that can play Guard or Center


DE- Watt- He will be in the Pro-Bowl nest season

NT- Poe- 6’5” 350 lbs to clog the running lane, pretty much by himself.

DE- Smith- 2011 Pro-Bowler

OLB- Reed- He filled in great for injured Mario Williams

OLB- Barwin- Another year with Wade Phillips and Barwin will dominate.

ILB- Cushing- BEAST

ILB- Ryans- Would like to see glimpses of his Rookie season, and I think we will

CB- Joseph- 2011 Pro-Bowl, expect more in the future.

CB- Jackson-young and eager, good combo for a DB in Wade Philips system

FS- Manning- Solid DB and Return Specialist

SS- Quin- Not a star but solid.

Really what it all comes down to is getting Peyton to a place where he can win, and win now. The Texans have the tools, the offensive minded staff, and it just so happens the Texans are in the same division as the Colts. This would be a way for the Manning Clan to prevent the Colts, Jim Irsay and Andrew Luck from reaching the playoffs while Peyton is still in the League. For as much as you want to think that all parties involved are professionals, they are all very driven to be great as well. . Peyton is very driven, and it’s not to win, he is driven not to lose, and with the weapons he would have at his disposal in Houston the AFC would be his for as long as he is healthy. Manning, without saying a word, would let Irsay know he made the biggest mistake of his life. Putting up huge numbers and wins in bunches, as the Colts sit by and rebuild over the next few years. While Peyton would be winning games and making runs for the Super Bowl, the Colts will be trying to figure out their new identity, with a new GM, Coach and Quarterback, that may take a few years.

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