Playing with the HOT SEAT: WEEK 2

By on September 20, 2010

1. Eric Mangini – He still leads the way; at least he is 1st in something. Two close losses will not seal his fate but it will help fuel the fire for Holmgren to make a change. Again it’s not going to be easy to find a replacement other than Holmgren stepping in himself. The 1st 2 games were the ones the Browns should have won; now they get to face the hardest 5 game stretch of the season.  Sorry to say but it’s the mantra for Cleveland fans “JUST WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR” Maybe Gruden will save the team?

2. Tom Cable– Not a good start to the season for the Raiders and with the trigger happy Al Davis we could see another coach in the Silver and Black real fast. I think it’s time for Al to step away and then maybe the Raiders can win again.

3. Wade Phillips– Wade is really moving up on this list with each passing week. For a team that was favored to win their division and by a lot of accounts a Super Bowl favorite they are playing like a group of sluggish drunks. When all else fails…blame the coach!

4. John Fox– Carolina just stinks this year. Matt Moore was benched for rookie Jimmy Clauson and a running back by committee? John Fox could end up in the number 2 spot next week if they lose again. They have the Bengals, the Saints and the Bears all before the Bye Week…Hmmm Coach Fox better pull off a win or wins or he is in serious trouble.

5. Chan Gaily– There is no help in sight for the Bills, with no Quarterback and a team that doesn’t seem to understand the system I think this may be a one and done for Chan Gaily.  Win and stay, Lose and go home. No matter the outcome of the season I think his job is safe until season end.

6. Jack Del Rio– The Jags won last week but I still think Del Rio could wind up on the cutting room floor after this season if they don’t make a run at the playoffs.

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