Playing With The HOT SEAT: Week 3

By on October 1, 2010

1.  Eric Mangini: Yep, I still say he is the first one to get fired. Every game this season has been a close game, but a loss is a loss, and Mangini can’t seem to get his team to go all out for the entire game. With the Bengals, Falcons, Steelers and Saints in line to play the Browns, I’m pretty sure Mangini is gone during the bye week. I would be willing to bet Holmgren has a plan and it will all work out next season…Can you say JOHN GRUDEN?

2.  John Fox: Another week, another loss. I move John Fox up due to the fact he has 3 losses, will be playing the Saints and the Bears, and then his BYE BYE week, I mean the bye week. It’s been a long time coming and although he really doesn’t have much of a team to coach, the owners want some wins. Maybe look for Defensive Coordinator Ron Meeks to fill in for the rest of the season.

3.  Tom Cable: Make up your mind on your Quarterback and let him play it out. Your owner has the same problem with coaches that you have with Quarterbacks. No matter if Cable was 3-0 or 0-3 with Al Davis as the owner, you never unpack your stuff.

4.  Tom Coughlin: 1 win – 2 losses, a team that looks like they are always tired, and a fan base that wants to see another run for the Super Bowl. On paper the Giants look great. On the field they look like something else. Tom Coughlin has always been a coach on the hot seat, this is nothing new to him. I look for him to bounce back sooner or later. If he waits for the later, than he may be looking for a job next season.

5.  Chan Gaily: Again, I really hate to say this, but Chan may be a 1st year coach that doesn’t get a 2nd. He really needs to find a diamond in the rough to help lead his team. Unfortunately, Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith, can’t save this team.

6.  Jack Del Rio: Nobody can predict the future, but I say he is fired at season’s end, unless he can pull off a few key wins. With Indy, the Titans and the Texans in their division, I think Jack better start looking now if he wants a job next season.

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