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By on April 9, 2019

Well fans this long awaited issue is an open letter to Present Donald Trump supporting his stand about the media in this country, as pathetic as most of it is.

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     You see being in the media but also being in the real world I have seen what you-all the unknowing are having to put up with.

     President Trump is right about the media’s short comings and most of them have led a sheltered life under mommy and daddy’s wings.

     Donald Trump did spend part of his formative years attending a military school and from the horror stories I have heard it was no picnic for the rich kid.  And he did learn a bit from what I have been told.

     You see the present-day media were born, went to school on their parents’ nickel then college on their financial wing before starting at a small outlet.  Well then if they made it, they were on their way to the big city and fame and fortune.

     All along the way they were protected by a cushion between them and real life unlike I was because that cushion didn’t exist.

     You see my folks made sure I always had something to do like mowing lawns, raking leaves and shoveling snow.  Heck at the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair I had $50.00 spending money I had made.

     Well then it was 32 months in the US Army which involved eight months in Korea and 19 months in Vietnam.  Gee I could have stayed as an officer but came home because I had already been accepted at college.  Then with college I got out not owing a nickel.

photo courtesy of the Eddie Michels family

     The present members of the media are actually told what they can and can’t say, here is an example.

     Back about 10-plus years ago in the press box at Grant Field in Dunedin, Fl. a subject was being discussed between writers when the writer got off the phone with his office in New York.

     The young man that now covers another team stated he couldn’t write about the subject, not even allowed to mention it.  The other writers appeared to go along a bit with him and canned part of the story.  Of course, I was writing for AP and they ran it.

     MLB and MILB both want homogenized stories just good news nothing bad and the rest of the media is following suit and when they can instead of telling the truth they twist it out of proportioned.  That’s the internet for you.

(Eddie Michels Photo)

     I guess the bottom line to all this is that at least with a newspaper you have proof of what is said.  On the internet the truth can change every five minutes even though it doesn’t.

     The President is right the media needs to reign it in.  The big story isn’t everyday just report honestly and truthfully. things will then fall into place.

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