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By on January 5, 2012

Wisconsin Badgers running back Monte Ball (28) carries the ball past Oregon Ducks linebacker Michael Clay (46) in the first quarter in the 2012 Rose Bowl game at the Rose Bowl. (photo by: US PRESSWIRE/Richard Mackson

Landry Jones, Matt Barkley and Montee Ball are all returning to school for their senior season. I can understand a Quarterback staying in school but I just don’t understand why a Running Back would add another year of beating to his body. Montee Ball is a classy kid, an amazing athlete and one of Wisconsin’s all time great running backs, but to subject his body to another year of beating in the College ranks is a horrible choice. He stated he was upset over the 3rd round grade he was given by NFL draft advisory board as for his reason for returning. I understand he feels he is top tier guy, and you know what, he is. I put him as 2nd in depth behind Trent Richardson, so the 3rd round grade is bogus and I wish the advisory board would cease to exist.

By them telling Montee Ball he was a 3rd round selection they may have put him in harms way. This kid ran the over 300 times in 2011 and those were not easy break away runs. he took a pounding, as most Running Backs do and he will take even more punishment next season. He will be losing the Star QB, WR and the majority of his blockers. This just makes me sick to think that an advisory board changed his mind. He had the combine to impress, and I think he would have shown the scouts, GM’s, coaches and owners what I’ve known all along, this kid is special. Even though it seems the NFL is a pass 1st league, teams still thrive off of the run game. Montee Ball is an every down back, he blocks, he catches, and the kid scores touchdowns in bunches. His attitude is team first, and his playing style proves it, his coaches love him and the Wisconsin faithful love him. Montee Ball is no Ron Dayne, he is head and shoulders above the talent Dayne had. He is a bruising back, that has good field vision and knack for making his way into the  end zone.

Some may say this is a money move, they may say that he is staying in school with hopes of being a top 10 pick, or some may say that he really wants to win a Heisman, I say HOGWASH!, this strictly a matter of PRIDE. He led the nation, and when I say led the nation there was nobody even close to him statistically speaking. 307 rushing attempts for  1923 yards with 33 touchdowns. Here are some guys, including Trent Richardson,  that are also in this years draft. and according to the MOCK DRAFT guru’s around the world are set to go in anywhere from the 1st round to the 3rd round.

1. Trent Richardson- 263 attempts for 1583 yards and 20 Touchdowns (most think he will go in the top 10)

2. Lamar Miller – 227 attempts for 1272 yards and 9 Touchdowns (most have him the late 1st round)

3. Chris Polk- 293 attempts for 1488 yards and 12 touchdowns (most have him in the top 20 picks of the 2nd round)

4. LaMichael James- 247 attempts for 1805 yards and 18 touchdowns (most have him in the late 2nd early 3rd round)

Now for the Draft Advisory Board to give Montee Hall a 3rd round grade proves to me that they have no idea what they are doing or they are doing what they can to keep kids in College for the sake of ratings on Saturdays. I hope this is looked into but I highly doubt it will be. I hope Montee enjoys his senior year in Madison and he is able to go injury free for the season, which is hard to do, especially for a battering ram type runner like Montee Ball. I’m willing to bet Montee Ball wouldn’t make it out of the 1st round, he may not be drafted as high as he likes, but I can see teams like Cleveland, Cincinnati, and New England all 3 of which have 2 first round picks taking a long look at him, as well as teams like the Jets and even the Packers, which both need to beef up their running game.

I can’t think of a player in resent history that has said they will return to school and changed their mind, I certainly hope Montee Ball changes his, He has that right, If I were his relative, friend or even a coach I would be loudly telling him to go and don’t look back. As I said before I can understand a QB going back, Sam Bradford did it and was hurt and still went #1 (He shouldn’t have, but he did) but for Running Back, that’s adding another year of torture and abuse to a body that can only take so much. Maybe he has a plan, or maybe it’s his pride, but either way he needs to step back and really think about it. I actually think he may drop in the draft next year due to the 4 years of abuse he put on his body, the offensive line will be mostly made up of new kids, a GM with any sense will look at how many times he ran the ball in college and think to himself “How many years will this guy be able to hold up? How much of beating can his body take, after 4 years of Big 10 smash-mouth football” and then he will fall, and it’s possible he falls far next year. Next year there will be a new batch of guys ready to impact the running ranks of college football. Guys like Marcus Lattimore, Michael Dyer and Edwin Barker could give Montee a run for the top Running Back in the nation, if he can’t equal the success he had this season.

In case this happens to find it’s way to Madison and Montee has a chance to read it, I have a little something I would like to say to him directly so the rest of you can close your eyes, turn away or do what you do… HEY MONTEE, GO! GO TO THE NFL, TAKE CARE OF YOU FAMILY, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND DON’T THINK FOR ONE SECOND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE TO BE DRAFTED IN THE 1ST ROUND. GO TO THE COMBINE AND SHOW EVERYBODY WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF.

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