Save the Gopher Tortoises

By on December 30, 2020

In the center of this photo was once a habitat for the protected Gopher Tortoises on the east side of the Toronto Blue Jays new minor league complex.  The area which used to be a City of Dunedin land fill is now the back side of the exercise mound at the complex near Narnia Court.   The gopher tortoise is a protector of around 350 other specious.  It has been learned from residents of the area that there were numerous burros for the specious in the area before construction.

This small stream/creek flows northward along the east side of the Toronto Blue Jays minor league complex in Dunedin behind the west side houses on Cottonwood Terrace..  It then flows under Narnia Ct. and along the side of the road and into the creek at the end of Laurawood La.  According to local sources the City of Dunedin sold the canal rights to the Toronto Blue Jays.  It’s a wonder why someone would buy the rights and what is the Jerry Branch creek carrying off the property?  More questions are arising. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
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