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By on September 20, 2012

I’ve been quiet, I’ve been sitting back and I’ve been watching but I just can’t sit back any longer and keep my mouth shut. The Cleveland Browns must fire Coach Pat Shurmur. I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he was hired, I said we should give him a chance, boy was I wrong. Coach Shurmur is about as competent as a drunken college freshman. Even this season with a very strong supporting cast of assistant coaches Shurmur has proven to me that he has no business in the NFL a head coach. Honestly, the Browns have not had a Head Coach that knew what he was doing since their return in 1999.

Shurmur is just one in a long list of incompetent Head Coaches, but he also has the most talent on his team

Trent Richardson. Does he deserve better direction fromthe staff? (photo courtesy of University of Alabama athletics)

than any other coach has had since 1999. A total mismanagement of talent has led him to a quick 0-2 record and the future really doesn’t look much brighter. He has an Offensive Coordinator in Brad Childress but refuses to let him call the plays; he has a game changing running back that should get the ball in his hands as often as possible.  Trent Richardson can run, block and catch; he is an every down back and should be highlighted in the later part of the 4th quarter when the defenses are tired.

The fact is no matter how much talent the Browns load up on when they have a stagnant acting coach, the team will follow his lead, as will the coaches that are unable to reach their full potential due to the control Shurmur has over the play calling. But, that also leads to another area of concern, is the problem Shurmur alone or can we also put blame on Mike Holmgren? Holmgren and Tom Heckert have made some very smart choices during the past few drafts, but I for one would like to see Holmgren and Shurmur both leave. Holmgren hired as many Presidents do, they hire friends, or family of friends, and to me, that’s a disaster in the making.

Now this brings us to the fun part, how do we fix the coaching problem and change the team’s attitude without making this worse. I of course have a few ideas. I hear so many people begging for Bill Cower to come to Cleveland but I don’t think he is the answer, I’ve also heard others say they want Jim Tressel; I’ll pass on him too. I have a plan folks, and for those of you that know me, my plans are pretty much like those of Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, they might not seem possible but they a thing of beauty when they do.

Here is my plan:

1st. Fire Pat Shurmur

2nd. Have Brad Childress take over an interim coach for the remainder of the season.

3rd. Insist Mike Holmgren retires at seasons end

4th. Let the courting of a new coach begin.

Here is the Joshua Ott short list of coaching candidates.

–          Chip Kelly (Oregon)

Coach Kelly is known for his spread option offense and unique plays, I think this would be a great system to run utilizing Trent Richardson to the fullest of his ability.


–          Rick Dennison (Houston Texans)

Coach Dennison has been the mastermind behind one of the best running attacks in the NFL of recent years, working with Trent Richardson and the Offensive line would be a one of the best scenarios for the Browns.


–          Chris Peterson (Boise State)

Chris Peterson has some insane offensive formations, hard to defend plays and a style that would translate well in the Pro’s.


–          Perry Fewell  (NY Giants)

A total switch from the previous group of guys, Coach Fewell would bring his defensive scheme to the Browns and could make them into one of the most feared groups in the NFL.


My 1st choice is Perry Fewell; he has a couple Super Bowl rings, and has coached a defense that is top notch for years. I think adding him would bring the old time DAWGS mentality back, and I would expect he drafts defense in the upcoming draft, which would not be a bad idea.

The Offensive unit will grow, the problem is Weeden is not a young guy so to keep changing schemes on him will prove to be a wasted draft pick; a move needs to me made now and stick with it for a few years. Shurmur has had time to show a change in attitude and I’ve seen no change, Shurmur has had a chance to show he can lead a team, he has failed at that, but mostly Shurmur had me fooled and I resent him for that, I honestly wanted him to succeed.

The fact is the Browns have had no stability since 1999 and although another change isn’t what I would like to see, it’s what needs to happen.  As a diehard Browns fan for almost 30 years I can say this with absolute honesty and without hesitation, if this season goes in the tank like I think it will and major changes are not made, I’m done! I will move on, I have given the Browns over 30 seasons to make an impact and they have failed me over and over again. It’s really not fare to me as a fan to watch and hope and never see the changes made that I know will make them a true dominating team.

The Browns have been the laughing stock of the NFL for years and I’ve had enough, why should I continue to put my time into something to be let down each and every year? If this was a marriage it would have ended years ago, giving up on a team you have spent your entire life cheering for is not an easy decision and I’m sure I will catch hell from some of the Boys back home but you know what they all think I’ve lost my mind living out here in L.A. anyway.




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