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25 Songs That You Should Add to Your Playlists

1. Monte Montgomery –
Monte Montgomery is one of the most Amazing acoustic guitarists around. I doubt many of you have heard him play but once you do, you will be in shock. Although he plays a country hybrid style I love every single song he has played.

2. Mad Season-
Layne Staley had one of the most incredible voices of all time, I was always and always will be a fan of Alice in Chains, but I honestly believe had Mad Season put out more than one album they would have gone down as one best bands of our time.



Pristine is an up and coming singer and actress originally from Seattle, finished high school in the San Diego area and now makes her home in L.A. In a recent Rocket Sports & Entertainment exclusive interview, Pristine said, “I loved switching from a Seattle school to sunny Southern California and being able to pop up to L.A. for auditions.”