Tebow to Jets Makes Everyone Losers

By on March 23, 2012

Tebow and the Broncos found a way to advance in the playoffs against the Steelers (photo: USPresswire/Ron Chenoy)

In every NFL move or acquisition, there are winners and losers. With the Tim Tebow to New York Jets trade made official Wednesday evening, there were more losers in the equation than winners.

I’ll go through the losers and end on a positive note with the winner(s).

Mark Sanchez is perhaps the biggest loser of all. Sanchez, who made the AFC Championship game in his first two seasons, had his best season statistically in his third season, last year. Although the Jets took a step back by missing the playoffs, Sanchez improved.

However, his confidence took a hit with teammates through the media doubting his ability. Now this move will make matters worse. How long will it be until fans are clamoring for Tebow to take the reins? (My over/under is set at three) Fifty percent of Jets fans already want to see Tebow as the starter, according to an ESPN poll. Despite his shot confidence, he has to produce or risk seeing America’s darling take his team.

Tim Tebow lost a lot by being moved to the Jets. Tebow won’t be able to grow as a quarterback, which is his goal, because the Jets view him as a wildcat and situational player. The silver lining to that is the new Jets offensive coordinator is Tony Sparano, who was the head coach in Miami when the wildcat formation was the craze.

Of course, there’s already a starter in place and Sanchez is no slouch. In Jacksonville he competes with Blaine Gabbert and Matt Moore in Miami.

Tebow had a chance to come home to Florida and he’s in the exact opposite type of environment in New York.

The New York lifestyle doesn’t fit the persona of Tebow. Tebow is a nice Christian who just wants to please people and do the right thing. New York is fast-paced and people don’t give a rip about you as a person, only if you can produce. Another negative for Tebow is that he’ll have to plug his ears every time Rex Ryan goes on one of his profanity-laden speeches. Tebow should invest in some soundproof earmuffs.

The other losers were the New York Jets. The Jets wanted someone to compete with Sanchez, but be his backup. Tebow will instead have fans and some players calling for him with the first Sanchez mistake. And with all the Jets gave up in the 2009 draft to get Sanchez, they want Sanchez to win the job.

Tebow, unintentionally, has been the most divisive player in the NFL the past few years. Insert him into the Jets

Hey Broadway Joe, let's see who's laughing in January 2013. Rex Ryan needs some help. Here Joe shares a special moment with his daughter Jessica Namath on the field before the 2010 AFC championship game. (US PRESSWIRE /William Perlman)

dysfunctional locker room and you have total chaos. Some players like Antonio Cromartie and former quarterback Joe Namath are strongly against the move to get Tebow.

Tebow is lowering his staff into the green sea of Jets nation and parting the sea of opinions—pro and anti-Tebow. If Tebow becomes the starter Sanchez would be replaced by one of the two quarterbacks who were less efficient than himself last season (the other was Blaine Gabbert).

The only winners I could think of, other than the Jets fans that wanted Tebow, was the New York media. The media will eat this story up and be content having “Tebowmania” leftovers for the next few months. “Linsanity” is played out and now the media is starving for more.

Whether it’s positive or negative the New York media will always have something to talk about in regards to Tebow. The media will scrutinize every throw, every trip to the store Sanchez and Tebow make until the start of the season. When the season starts the media will report dissent in the locker room and how the team is split. It’s what happened in Denver, why will New York be any different? New York just magnifies issues.

Joe Namath on Tebow trade ESPN NY

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