The Dunedin Debacle Shuffles Off to Buffalo

By on May 28, 2021
Toronto Blue Jays equipment was loaded into trucks at TD Ballpark on Tuesday morning for the trip to the team’s new home stadium Sahlen Field in Buffalo for their home opener there on June 1st vs the Marlins. The Dunedin Blue Jays will return to TD Ballpark on June 1st to open a six game series against the Bradenton Marauders in the lower-A division. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO

Like the old song went “Shuffle Off To Buffalo” the Toronto Blue Jays will now resume their home on the road schedule on June 1st vs the Marlins in Buffalo.  During their extended spring stay at TD Ballpark in Dunedin the Blue Jays posted a 10-11 record and got a game best attendance of 1641 in their last game at TD Ballpark vs the Rays on May 24th.  In fact the Blue Jays drew 6,088 fans over four games vs the Rays at TD Ballpark while just over four weeks earlier the Rays hosted the Blue Jays at Tropicana Field about 25 miles south and drew 18,724 in three games.  Some fans wanted to know why the games weren’t played there at Tropicana Field with the Blue Jays as the home team.  As a note the Blue Jays smallest game by attendance at TD Ballpark was on May 16th vs the Phillies when only 1107 fans showed up for the Sunday game.  Their total for the 21 games played at TD Ballpark was 30,936 fans announced in attendance.

The Toronto Blue Jays continue to explore the possibility of expanding their faculties in Dunedin, Fl. to include a player’s dormitory at 2641 Michael Pl. the present home of a Hampton Inn. As of a meeting on May 20, 2021 with the Dunedin City Commissioners it appears that the city is taking no action as of yet. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
The classy security staff gives a special greeting to Eddie… and what the heck is that on the side walk? EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
Father and son playing catch. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
Last used during spring training 2021 these four handicapped parking spaces at TD Ballpark in front of the Jays Shop continue to go unused during the Blue Jays regular season games in Dunedin. The only other handicapped parking available is at the City of Dunedin Library adjacent to TD Ballpark. Unfortunately for handicapped fans these six parking spaces are blocked by the local sheriffs department because there are for library use only even when the facility is closed. In fact even with approximately 160 parking spaces available at TD Ballpark none are available for fans as staff, sheriffs vehicles and visiting team members and families fill the bulk of the parking area. The Blue Jays also lease the Hale Center parking across from the TD Ballpark but its seven handicapped parking spaces are used by non handicapped Blue Jays staff and members of the media. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
Located in the players parking lot at TD Ballpark these temporary offices used by the Toronto Blue Jays during their regular season games in Dunedin are being possibly moved to Buffalo. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
Blue Jays Fans Section 203 at TD Ballpark EH? EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
With handicapped fans unable to use their four parking spots at TD Ballpark the Tampa Bays Rays players and family members got to use a fenced off section of the stadiums parking lot. With just three games left by the Blue Jays at TD Ballpark their attendance should increase when they move games to Buffalo, N.Y. It has been learned that 8,000 fans will be allowed at Sahlen Field 4,000 vaccinated and 4, 000 non vaccinated according to a local source. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
Vehicles Parked on Hale Center Properity for Birthday Party at the Home Plate Restaurant. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
The Toronto Blue Jays players are having their privately owned vehicles loaded for the trip to Buffalo, the teams new home city. According to the transport’s driver it costs the three players whose vehicles are on this transport a total of $5,000.00 to get the three vehicles north. The driver also said when ask about the trucks fuel economy, that it was six miles per gallon on level ground and maybe two going up a hill. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
Concrete Protectors Being Removed from TD Ballpark. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
Stadium Front 5-23-21 EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
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