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I woke up this morning and discovered that there was still baseball, the World Series.  It was actually mentioned on the front page of the St. Pete Times in the side bar at the fold.

     Okay its two teams that aren’t big draws outside their markets (San Fran-Texas) but it’s the World Series and the records still count.

     Now it can be said that the sponsors, networks and big market fans are a bit disappointed because the big draws are not in it.  The ratings will be low but it’s still the World Series.

     I guess I was spoiled as a kid in the 50’s as we had a TV set and it was a mostly a Yankees/Dodgers series.  The games all took place in the same time zone and all were played under the sun.  Gee the sponsors and owners wouldn’t like that now because of the bucks/ratings involved.

     Now personally I can say I was really spoiled watching those games as I got to watch some of the best players in the game including a good number of future Hall of Fame Players!

     As a thought fans, remember the 92 Series between the Braves and Jays that the north of the border team won in six, had one of the lowest TV ratings of all and the money guys took a hit.  In Canada it had it’s highest ratings.  Ah, the American dollar rears it ugly head again.

     Personally I might watch the series but then again I might not as TV takes to much away from the game, you have to be there.

     That brings us to another item on my agenda this offering, has a NFL team ever had all its home games blacked out for a season?

     Here in the Tampa Bay area it looks like the Bucs might just do it and it’s hurting the local gin mills.

     Have talked to a couple of owners/managers in the Dunedin/Clearwater area and it’s hurting.  Maybe the Bucs owners need a reality check big time especially with their attendance down.

     Two items to remember campers and that is November 6 at Dunedin Country Club for the Veteran’s Day Golf Tournament benefiting the Dunedin Children’s Christmas Fund.  Then secondly, Veterans Day.  Lest we forget our citizen soldiers.

     So until then…

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