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[media-credit attachment_id=3254 id=10 align=”alignleft” width=”190″][/media-credit]CLEARWATER, Fl. (RSE)–In case anyone is interested, I’M BACK!  Just a little eye opener for this issue.

     In case you hadn’t noticed the 2010 MLB regular season is over with about 10 of the 30-teams scheduled to have new managers when spring training rolls around.

     One manager in particular, Cito Gaston will me missed by yours truly especially for his upfront straight forwardness especially with a less than stellar reporter like me in my early years.  We really won’t go into my screw ups in this edition; I will save them for the book, “Have You Ever Seen a Misspelled Word on Radio.”

     Cito beat the system, becoming a success posting a 912-851 record with a .517 winning percentage during his career managing the Toronto Blue Jays that included two World Series wins in 1992 and 1993.

     Now to a bit of trivia you might not know about the man and that is he won the second series with only 11-players from the Jays 1992 champs returning to take the 1993 title.  Now that is a bit of managing, no matter who you are.  Impressed are we?

     The sad part to heading into a happy retirement is that Torre and Cox will get all the ink not Cito just like his two series wins.  Unfortunately over the year Cito Gaston has been looked at more as an after thought not as a front runner.  Enough said on my part for now.

     The pix  of a striped infield at Grant Field at Dunedin Stadium which will be ready in time for the 2011 spring opener of the Blue Jays.  In fact this will be the team’s 35th spring for the Jays.

      With the buildup over a number of years about seven inches was scraped off to bring the infield into a level plane with the rest of the playing surface.  As a note here the Jays have also resurfaced another infield at their Englebert Complex in Dunedin.

     Remember campers the golf tourney November 6 at the Dunedin Country Club with entry forms available on this fine and educational website.

     Now in closing this issue fans I endeavor your tolerance as I deviate from the sports world to the realm of politics.

    Four weeks from now is our national midterm elections and I personal have heard much bemoaning on both sides of the political fence of our present situation.  Well if you don’t vote November 2, 2010 then you have nothing to say!  So vote that first Tuesday in November and let your voice be heard where it counts, in the ballot box!

     So until then…

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