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CLEARWATER, Fla.—Okay fans now that the dust has settled on Cliff Lee signing with the Philadelphia Phillies and joining two-time Cy Young winner Roy Halladay the sayings must commence.

     Yes fans after my second cup of coffee Wednesday morning, because my wife wants half and half (half decaf and half regular) I came upon a stray thought from my youth.  That is the saying of the 1948 Boston Braves, “Spann and Sain and pray for rain.”

     Now after sending a sample of what I came up with to my editors in New York and Philly I eluded to a few friends to maybe improve on my Halladay and Lee uttering’s so here they go.

     From yours truly that started it all.

1-Halladay and Lee will buckle their knees.

2-Halladay and Lee will have them praying on their knees

3-Halladay and Lee will have them swinging at the breeze

4-Halladay and Lee will have them swinging from their knees.

     From my buddy Frank, a.k.a “Numbers.

1-It’s Doc and Lee so who needs rain with Roy and Cole.

     From Col. Jack a.k.a Col. Klink but he was in our Air Force.

1-Halladay and Lee it’s a guarantee.

2-Halladay and Lee it’s a World Series guarantee.

     As you can see mixing regular coffee with decaf can do a bit of brain damage fans but not to worry I have plenty left that I have not used.  So until then…

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