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     Well campers maybe a catch up this issue especially with the Baseball Winter Meetings going on over mid-state in Orlando.

     First off as I write this did the Rays take a hit losing Pena at first to the Cubbies for a one year deal worth $10-million?  A price according to print reports the local team really can’t afford.

     Then adding insult to injury Carl Crawford goes to Bean Town for $142-million over seven years.  Heck isn’t that almost two season’s salary for an entire team.

    Major league baseball can’t really survive here on the Suncoast of Florida as the fan base; those with the financial where with all to attend games are transit.  Yes the snowbirds as is proven by the Lightning leave with their wallets each spring.  Just another stab at the ball yard which should have been in Tampa and the should have been frozen pond where the “Trop” is now.

     Just remember this area is football and NASCAR country but only really tolerates baseball for the month of March.  Enough said on this one EH!

     Moving right along to the Vets still in baseball and one I left out was Sandy Alderson the new GM of the Mets.  It came to light when Sandy’s father passed away last month.

     You see Sandy was Navy ROTC in college but went active as a Marine and served a tour in “Nam” as an officer.  So fans just add another one as I have also one more.

     Bill Nack, a sometimes baseball writer but more into covering the ponies was also “In Country” about the same time I was there.  This is list that will keep growing.

     Now to the Bucs and are we going to traverse a whole season with out one single regular season home game on the tube?  Talking with a few local gin mill owners and they are getting killed with Sunday afternoonitus, no local Bucs games on the tube.

     Well in a weird way why doesn’t the State of Florida by all the unsold seats at Raymond James prior to the 72-hour limit so the place is sold out.  Then with the games back on the box the local watering holes will have patrons spending their hard earned bucks which the state can collect the taxes on.

     Better than no state tax income at all on Sunday’s with Bucs fans staying at home but it would stimulate the economy, EH!

     I see Philadelphia Daily News columnist Bill Conlin got the J.G. Taylor Spink Award this year from the BBWAA this year and will be enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame this coming July.

     Bill, the long time reporter of the Phillies and other Philadelphia area sports out of Temple University is spending most of his leisure hours out on Clearwater Beach.  Congrads guy but will it improve your tennis game?

     So until them…

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