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No Hall Roger Clemens (right) looks on in Dunedin with George Bell (Eddie Michels photo)


















Well fans another year’s worth of calendar pages has been filed in the circular file and the embellishment of the holiday season has pass so now we must return to our real forms of employment.

This now being my adopted form of employment let us now press onto the year 2013.

Now forgetting pro football we shall focus on the year’s first sports embarrassment, the baseball hall of fame voting.

First off don’t blame the BBWAA members for voting no one in, their vote was right.  How can you vote anyone into the hall in Cooperstown who gained his fame and fortune via the point of a needle.  That notwithstanding  the halls standards must be kept above all else, above reproach.

Then a friend of mind did come up with a way of allowing these players of question into Cooperstown, dedicating a room to them, the men’s room.

His idea was to place a brass plaque over each urinal and the really questionable ones dedicate a commode to them.  It would be only fitting as they did put their careers into the crapper.

Enough said for now on this but there are two rarities with the Ford Frick and JG Taylor Spink Awards this year.

With the Frick Award the late Tom Cheek, voice of the Blue Jays is the first US Military Veteran to enter the hall in a while.  Tom passed back in 2005 but his military service is worth a mention.

In fact Tom’s father, Tom Sr. if I remember correctly was a pilot during the Second World War and received the Navy Cross.

Then Paul Hagen, who will be getting the Spink Award for his writing skills, will have the privilege of being the only live inductee this year.  Way to go Paul, just keep breathing.

I see that the NHL will be lacing the blades around the 19th, wow another Donald Fehr SNAFU fans.

Strikes or work stoppages of any kind never work everybody loses weather in sports or in the work place.  Just ask the former four thousand employees at the New Process Gear Division of Chrysler Corporation in East Syracuse, New York back in 2002.  Guess what fans as of August 2012 there are now ZERO employed there.  Yes unions did have their time and place but not in the world of sports now and sure as heck not at a company paying over 20-bucks an hour to someone without a high school education.

Enough said on this for now but I think you get the picture.

Okay so I might have strayed a bit this issue campers but it was for a good cause, so until then…

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